eTurns Business Partner Program for Consultants and Integrators

eTurns welcomes consultants and integrators who are looking for ways to help their customers increase profitability through better remote inventory management. We help you provide your customers with a more flexible, simple and thorough way to manage remote inventory than an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS) can provide. However, if the customer already has an ERP system in place, eTurns provides you with an excellent opportunity to help your customers get the most out of their ERP/WMS systems.

What We Offer Our Partners

  • An Excellent Reputation and Brand
    We are the industry’s leading solution for providing visibility into remote inventories and taking costs out of the management process.
  • High Customer Satisfaction
    99.7% of customers stay with eTurns once they start. We have 99.8% uptime.
  • Proven Track Record
    We have over 300 customers and 19 years of experience making them happy.
  • Measurable Results
    Customers improve same-customer revenues by over 20%, reduce procurement costs by up to 90%, and reduce inventory by over 35%.
  • Generous Margins
    We have partnered with consultants and integrators who have been pleased with our generous margins.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    Customers appreciate the ultra-responsive and personalized service we provide.

Existing Partners:

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Join Us
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“Since we’ve starting using eTurns with our customers 4 years ago, we’ve grown revenues over 20% with these customers due to just how simple they make it to track consigned inventory. Equally important, eTurns support is one of the best I have experienced.”

– Steve Vecchiarelli – VP
Supply Chain DigiKey

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