eVMI Sensor-Based Inventory Management

eVMI Sensor-Based Inventory Management

eVMI is eTurns’ most automated inventory management solution – here is how it works… eTurns puts a Mettler-Toledo scale under a bin of parts on a mobile cart or stationary rack. The scale measures the weight of the parts at user-defined intervals. When the weight falls below a minimum, a replenishment order up to the maximum is sent through the eTurns eVMI cloud-based application, to the distributor’s ERP system.  The distributor fulfills the order, the parts are shipped to the facility and the vendor or customer restocks the bins.  This is fully automated VMI (vendor-managed inventory) at a fraction of the cost of inventory vending and offers a quick ROI.


  • Get the benefits of inventory vending at 15% of the cost
  • Eliminate stockouts by monitoring usage with no labor costs
  • Optimize inventory by adjusting min/max after trending usage
  • 24/7/365 visibility and monitoring from any browser
  • Perform complete physical inventory before making a replenishment run
  • Removes human error
  • Reorder automatically
  • High ROI
  • Up to 90% reduction in procurement costs through automation
  • Distributors report 20%+ revenue increase with eTurns
  • Reduce inventory levels and carrying costs by 35%+
  • Powerful dashboard analytics with alerts to drive increasing levels of efficiency
  • Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction
  • Weigh parts between .012 ounces and 3200 pounds
  • Fit up to 48 eVMI bins on a standard 7ft x 4ft rack with 6 shelves

Modules included within eVMI Sensor-managed Inventory Solution:

4 Simple Ways to Manage Inventory with eTurns:


eturnsbarcode2Barcode Scanner PDA

eturnsevmi2eVMI Sensor

eturnsrfid2RFID Tracking

eVMI Success Story:

“Our company just implemented a 700 sensor eTurns eVMI Sensor-managed Inventory Solution at a large powergen manufacturer in Ohio. The customer was very impressed by the nearly $1M in stock reduction and access to real-time on-hand inventory data.”

– Robert Connors, CEO
Gexpro Services

Why use eTurns?

  • Over 1000 satisfied customers
  • Works with existing ERP/WMS or by itself
  • Cloud based solution with 99.98% uptime
  • 3.5M transactions/month
  • It’s simple