eTurns TrackStock Truck 

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Shrinkage is a common problem with service truck inventories. The contractor’s challenge is to find a simple way to track and manage the assets on the trucks his techs will use.  eTurns Service Truck Inventory Management is cloud-based software that provides contractors with real-time visibility into service truck inventories as well as parts and labor usage by job. Then it automates inventory management.

Service Truck Inventory Management

Can eTurns help me replenish my service trucks?

Yes. With either the barcodes on your material, on the bins, or in an eTurns-created catalog, the tech can scan the barcode of the item needing replenishment using an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/PDA. When the list of needed items is complete, he taps send on the iPhone. The list is sent to the eTurns cloud, sending an order to all distributors and a confirming email back to the tech.

Can eTurns help me reduce shrinkage on my service trucks?

Yes. Using either an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/PDA you can do detailed tracking of usage by creating work orders to track parts and labor on any job.  Print or email service customers invoices.  Alternatively, you can simply perform cycle counts on the inventory to monitor usage and replenish.


  • Reduce shrinkage by 20-40%
  • Up to 90% reduction in procurement costs through automation
  • Reduce cash-in-inventory by 35%+
  • Order material from any supplier
  • Optimize inventory and track usage across multiple service trucks
  • Save time by reducing trips for out-of-stock items
  • Maximize available space on truck
  • Set critical/min/max inventory levels based on actual usage
  • Eliminate stockouts as well as purchase order paperwork/calls/faxes
  • Increase inventory accuracy by 20%
  • Powerful dashboard analytics with alerts to drive increasing levels of efficiency
  • Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction
  • 24/7/365 visibility and monitoring from any browser

Modules included within eTurns TrackStock Truck:

4 Simple Ways to Manage Inventory with eTurns:

eturnsiphone2Android / iPhone / iPad / iPod

eturnsbarcode2Barcode Scanner PDA

eturnsevmi2eVMI Sensor

eturnsrfid2RFID Tracking

Why use eTurns?

  • Over 1600+ satisfied customers
  • Works with existing ERP/WMS or by itself
  • Cloud based solution with 99.98% uptime
  • 20M transactions / month
  • It’s simple