eTurns TrackStock Replenish

VMI/CMI Replenishment - eTurnsUsing an Android / iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, users scan item barcodes in a stockroom that need replenishment. Item #, location, package quantity, and customer are all captured with one scan. Tapping "Send POs" sends the orders through eTurns cloud directly to the Distributor's ERP system through integration.  TrackStock Replenish saves 90% of the time it takes to order using ANY ecommerce system. Distributor drivers or reps doing VMI or end-customers scanning for themselves (CMI) no longer have to write down anything, or walk back to their computers to log in to a web site, or enter the part #s they have written down into their cart  or search for these items, and certainly not price shop these items on other sites.  Just scan and send.

eTurns TrackStock Replenish is 90% faster at replenishment than an eCommerce site

Typical steps in the replenishment process (CMI/VMI) Steps required on distributor eCommerce site Steps required with eTurns TrackStock Replenish App
Walk stockroom to visually check item quantities yes yes
Decide if an item needs replenishment yes yes
Capture an item number Write it down Scan with visual and audible feedback
Decide on replenishment quantity and capture it Write it down Default reorder quantity automatically included with scan
Walk back to computer yes  
Login to eCommerce site yes  
Navigate to order page yes  
Key in (or click on searched for) item number yes  
Decide on price, vendor, etc. yes  
Customer can comparison shop on, Google, etc. yes  
Enter quantity yes  
Add to cart ⇒ Continue shopping yes  
Review cart, billing, shipping to confirm yes  
Click to order yes yes
Email confirmation sent yes yes


  • eTurns TrackStock Replenish is 90% faster at replenishing inventory than an eCommerce site
  • Give distributors and their customers 90% reduction in procurement costs through automation
  • Eliminates complaints of bin stuffing. With CMI, the customer completely controls what, when and how much they order.
  • Simple order entry with an Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Distributors report 30%+ revenue increase with eTurns

Modules included in the TrackStock Replenish Solution:

4 Simple Ways to Manage Inventory with eTurns:

eturnsiphone2Android / iPhone / iPad / iPod

eturnsbarcode2Barcode Scanner PDA

eturnsevmi2eVMI Sensor

eturnsrfid2RFID Tracking

Why use eTurns?

  • Over 1600+ satisfied customers
  • Works with existing ERP/WMS or by itself
  • Cloud based solution with 99.98% uptime
  • 20M transactions / month
  • It’s simple