Bill of Material Module for Automated Replenishment | eTurns

eTurns TrackStock is designed so that it is easy to turn on and off the modules users need to replenish inventory within a particular stockroom or service truck. Chances are, they won’t use every capability listed in our modules, but if a customer or a location requires it, users have the ability to turn the functionality on with a click.

These are the capabilities in the Bill of Materials Module:

  • Manage consigned and customer owned material
  • Set critical/min/maxes at item level or location level
  • Create multiple supplier or manufacturer #s for the same item
  • Add new items from distributor catalogs
  • Toggle between picture view or grid view of item
  • Share a common BOM across multiple stockrooms
  • Create multiple cost UOMs
  • Track by Serial #s, Lot #s, and expiration date
  • Value inventory using LIFO, FIFO, average, or last cost
  • Click “quantity on order” to see the purchase order
  • Click “quantity on transfer” to see which transfers include the item
  • Click “quantity on requisition” to see which reqs include the item
  • Get automatic reclassification of A thru E by item each night based on inventory turns or cost of the item
  • Create quicklists to group items for quickly adding to order or pull
  • Use quicklists as simple kit
  • Place quicklists within quicklists
  • Use unlimited bar codes for each item
  • View 2 images for each item, like picture and MSDS
  • Apply taxes to consumption of items and/or labor
  • Display value of distributor’s bonded inventory for any customer
  • Assign default reorder and pull quantities
  • Import large list of items at one time