MDM Guest Post: Going Digital Is Not Just About Webstores

MDM Guest Post: Going Digital Is Not Just About Webstores

Customers' desire -- really, their demand -- for an efficient transaction may have roots in the Amazon experience. But distributors can capitalize on their deep reach into a customers' operations to beat Amazon, says eTurns' CEO Rock Rockwell. 

"At the point of use, with the right technology, distributors can track usage and forecast demand in real time. No napkin math required. What I call “precise demand planning” is simple, but powerful. The customer’s optimal minimum and maximum inventory levels are calculated, along with average usage, for a particular item. With that data, a distributor not only knows when a customer needs to order more, but also exactly how often and how much.

The ability to anticipate their demands and replenish supply before they ever run out may cause customers to suspect a distributor has superpowers. But it’s just the power of technology. It’s one level deeper than a webstore can go for your customers and delivers far more benefits."

To learn more about how distributors can move beyond E-commerce sites and differentiate themselves with digital capabilities like precise demand planning, read Rock's guest post in MDM. 

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