The Requisition Module allows users to reserve inventory they know they will need in the future. This can be especially of use to contractors and surgery centers. 

Many times, prime contractors have sub-contractors that need to get material from the prime contractor. However, sometimes the sub-contractor does not have the authority to pull the material; he needs approval from someone. The process of capturing the material the subcontractor needs and notifying the individual who has the authority to approve it is all included in eTurns Requisition Module. When approved, pulls can occur straight from the requisition and the subcontractor receives his material.

In a surgery center, eTurns TrackStock Manage lets customers reserve inventory they know they will need for an upcoming procedure. This keeps healthcare companies in perfect communication with their medical supply distributors about upcoming ACTUAL demand, not just forecast demand, an important distinction. In the Requisitions Module of eTurns TrackStock Manage, customers can communicate actual future demand to their distributors. If a nurse in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) knows exactly what procedures will be performed on a patient next week, he can enter each of those items into requisitions. The requisition will create demand on the “stockroom” and automatically trigger orders for items where the requisition will use more items than there are on hand. The “required date” is also specified, guiding the distributor to know exactly what items in what quantities are needed by what date to keep the ASC operational.

Capabilities within the Requisition Module:

  • Create requisitions when user does not have authority to pull an item
  • Automate customer requisitions to track consumption and facilitate billing
  • Email is sent to approver when requisition is submitted
  • Approve requisition within the email