Optimize Distribution Centers with Customer Data

Optimize your distribution centers with real-time customer usage data, not historical order data



When distributors replenish customer stockroom and truck inventory with eTurns TrackStock, they get the added benefit of valuable data from the point-of-use that allows them to optimize their distribution centers


Can your demand planning software tell you what customers will order which product in what quantity on which day? No, it can't. That is because traditional demand planning software just aggregates past usage and makes an assumption about future usage. The eTurns TrackStock Automated Replenishment App manages customer inventory replenishment at the point-of-use in stockrooms and trucks and can feed actual customer usage data to a distributor's demand planning software and therefore make it much more accurate. 


Start with giving your customers the ability to tune their min/max to optimize their stockroom inventories...

Step 1: Give your customers eTurns TrackStock to manage inventory at the point-of-use, the first 10 ft. of the demand chain

Companies tell us that their distributors are not doing enough to help them manage inventory at the point-of-use (POU) in stockrooms and service trucks. But since the POU is the first 10 feet of the demand chain, it offers usage data that is incredibly valuable. With that real-time usage data it is possible to optimize both the customers' stockrooms and a distributor's distribution centers

Step 2: Use slider bars on the eTurns TrackStock dashboard to create trial min/max settings that display achievable financial savings for the customer

Precise Demand Planning™ is powered by data from eTurns TrackStock that other demand planning software can't get

eTurns Precise Demand Planning™ is powered by eTurns TrackStock Manage, an automated replenishment app that uses barcode scanning phones and sensors to get real-time usage data from a distributor's customers' points-of-use. Other demand planning software just uses aggregated past order data and makes guesses. 

Step 4: Decrease customer inventory and carrying costs up to 73% by tuning min/max with eTurns TrackStock

and automatically get Precise Demand Planning™ that optimizes your distribution centers

Precise Demand Planning™ gives a distributor 4 priceless pieces of data for distribution center optimization

Precise Demand Planning™ can tell a distributor which customers will order what products in what quantity on what day. eTurns TrackStock has this data and can feed it to a distributor's demand planning software so that they can optimize their distribution centers with more accurate data than has previously been available. 

If a distributor has their top revenue generating customers use eTurns TrackStock Manage, then the distributor collects the Precise Demand Planning™ data

Aggregate Precise Demand Planning™ across customers to learn what quantity of what product will be ordered on what date

Feed current demand forecasting tools with Precise Demand Planning™ reports that have on-site customer usage data

We help distributors move from "just in case" overstocking to "just in time" optimal stocking of inventory

It’s a dramatic shift in how many distributors serve customers: from “Just in Case” to “Just-in-time". Many distributors overstock to protect themselves, whether at their own locations or their customers’. With customer stockroom usage data gathered in real-time at the point-of-use with eTurns TrackStock Manage, distributors can take a much more proactive approach to demand planning. Distributors can help customers optimize their stockrooms and spend less. We’ve seen reductions of up to 73% in customer cash spent on inventory and carrying costs. Not only are distributors creating a stickier relationship with their customers, but they are also maximizing service levels through fine-tuned operations. Demand is no longer a forecast, but a known quantity of items and order dates.


The 4 Metrics Distributors Need To Optimize Their Distribution Centers

Distributors are able to calculate which customers will order what product in what quantity on what day if they have the following data points from the customers' point-of-use: 

  • Quantity on Hand (QOH)
  • Average Daily Usage (ADU)
  • Minimum Stock Levels (Min)
  • Maximum Stock Levels (Max)

The good news? eTurns TrackStock provides this.

A customer’s optimal minimum and maximum inventory levels are calculated and adjusted within eTurns TrackStock, and measured along with average usage for a particular item. These tuned mins/maxes allow a customer to take cash out of inventory and eliminate stockouts. And aggregated across a distributor’s Very Important Customers (VICs), the 20% or so of customers who account for around 80% of a distributor's revenue, a distributor can use this data to fine-tune its own inventory management.

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Distributors can get "Precise Demand Planning" reports on each customer that will help them optimize their distribution center

When a distributor's customer uses eTurns TrackStock Manage to replenish their stockroom inventory, they are able to track the real-time status of inventory levels, fine-tune what the minimum and maximum levels should be based on prior usage, and learn their average daily usage of product. All this data is available in an eTurns TrackStock report which distributors can use to optimize their distribution centers.

Traditional demand planning software can only aggregate a customer's past history of orders from a distributor and guess at future needs, but eTurns can tell a distributor how much inventory has been actually used and exactly when the customer will need to order more based on their set minimums and maximums and average daily usage.