Asset Maintenance


Asset Maintenance

Track and schedule asset maintenance

eTurns TrackStock Asset is cloud-based software for asset maintenance. It allows you to describe and track the assets you own and when they are scheduled for maintenance.

Optimize the maintenance items to avoid stockouts

eTurns optimizes the inventory of all of the MRO material needed to maintain your assets. This avoids stocking out of crucial parts right when asset maintenance is scheduled.

Create quicklists

If a list of material is needed to perform maintenance of an asset, TrackStock Asset makes it easy to include those items in the "quicklist" added to the work order.

Send email alerts

If maintenance of an asset is due, eTurns sends out a notification email.



Receive notification emails when asset maintenance is due

Avoid breakdowns and shutdowns of production

Manage preventive maintenance and extend the life of assets

Track asset maintenance performed, including parts and labor

Modules included within eTurns TrackStock Asset:

  • Asset Maintenance
    • Track any asset, including machines, trucks, trailers, etc.
    • Maintain multiple service schedules
    • Receive alerts before maintenance is due
    • See image of asset