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Remote Stockroom Management

Remote Stockroom Inventory

Manages lean inventories at distributors’ end customers’ stockrooms.

Lean Service Truck Inventory

Extends a lean supply chain to service trucks

eVMI Sensor-based Inventory

Enables automated and un-attended bin tracking and inventory replenishment


Remote Stockroom Inventory Management SaaS
eTurns manages and replenishes inventory in the cloud. VMI/CMI are optimized using bar-code scanner and sensors at the point-of-use, not the warehouse.

Competitive Advantage for Distributors
Distributors get downstream visibility into their end customers’ inventory and therefore are the first to know their re-supply needs.

Sensor Based Replenishment
eTurns eVMI enables automated inventory tracking and replenishment using sensors under bins of parts in open racks or drawers.

Quick to Install and Low Cost
Starts at $125/month - installs in days.


High ROI
End users have achieved 50% reduction in carrying costs.

Configured to Your Inventory Needs
Works with consigned or customer-owned inventory. Parts can be in a bin, drawer or truck. Can be managed with a PC, bar-code scanning PDA, or sensors. Complementary to any ERP system.

Value to Distributors’ End-users
Provide end users with one tool to manage all consumables from multiple suppliers.

Increased Productivity for Manufacturers
OEMs can optimize consumable inventories and maintenance parts for MRO processes.

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eTurns allows us to stock 35% less inventory at our customers’ stockrooms because of the visibility it provides.

Ray Herzog
North America Region Manager
GEXPRO Services

For Executives
For Manufacturers
For Distributors
For End Customers
for executivesPays for itself in 1-2 months by reducing inventory and cash-to-cash cycles
for manufaturersReduce inventory levels by up to 40% while eliminating stockouts

Increase customer service levels. Gain a competitive advantage. Instant view to customer inventory from remote locations

for customersEnjoy better inventory management with minimal investment

Easy to use and deploy


eTurns - Inventory Software. Features, reviews, ratings.eTurns - Inventory Software. Features, reviews, ratings.