Trusted by Over 1000 Customers


Gexpro Services

“Our company just implemented a 700 scale eTurns eVMI Sensor-managed Inventory Solution at a large powergen manufacturer in Ohio. The customer was very impressed by the nearly $1M stock reduction and access to real-time on-hand inventory data.”–Robert Connors  – CEO

“eTurns pays for itself within 1-2 months of each new customer installation and it allows us to stock 35% less inventory at our customers’ stockrooms because of the visibility it provides.” —Ray Herzog – Chief Commercial Leader 

“eTurns helped us create an amazing consigned RFID solution for our customer. As wind turbine parts are driven by forklift through the portal, eTurns automatically records consumption and lets us invoice immediately while replenishing as needed. The solution has provided tremendous cost savings – replacing the need to employ three people to support the customer need for 24 hour support.” – Autrie Bacon – Global Supply Chain Solution Manager

“Over the past 10 years we have periodically taken a look to see if there were better remote storeroom inventory management solutions than what eTurns provides and each time we came up empty. ERP providers are too expensive and cumbersome and other inexpensive cloud software for inventory management was not as full-featured as eTurns” –Autrie Bacon, Global Supply Chain Solution Manager, Gexpro Services


“Since we’ve starting using eTurns with our customers 4 years ago, we’ve grown revenues over 20% with these customers due to just how simple they make it to track consigned inventory.  Equally important, eTurns support is one of the best I have experienced.” —Steve Vecchiarelli – VP Supply Chain

“We were using a completely manual process that led to a stockroom filled with unused supplies and lots of stuff expiring. Switching to eTurns demonstrated significant change in a short period of time. The value of our inventory on hand was north of $75,000 when we started using the system; now we have around $20,000 sitting on the shelves. The drain on my time has been significantly reduced and continues to improve.” —Brian Galowitz, Minnesota Operations Manager, Lakes Region EMS

SourceOne Technologies

“eTurns optimized our inventory and drastically reduced the number of POs we needed to create, saving us $31,000 the first year — which created an ROI of 900%.” —Rhonda Einck – Senior/Buyer Planner

Cupertino Electric

“Cupertino Electric has recognized increased productivity and cost savings as a result of installing a consignment eTurns/OasisPro site in our prefab facility. “Just in time inventory” means we have the material on the shelf, when we need it. We also have the ability to easily cost material to our various jobs utilizing the customer defined fields the eTurns tool offers. eTurns, working in conjunction with EDI, allows for a seamless flow of material and invoicing between our distributor and us.”–Allen Bender – Purchasing Agent

Rexel Canada

“Within the first few weeks of launching our eTurns solution, we were able to bid on and WIN a customer contract that mandated a remote stockroom management tool. eTurns made the difference!”–Mark Durant – Director, New Business Development

Gexpro ED

“Gexpro ED has used eTurns for over a decade. It has allowed us to effectively support point-of-use inventory management for hundreds of our customers during this time. The solution plays well in a unique niche that very few other offerings compete well in. The company provides great support that is intimate and personal while their product is the best we have seen in this space.” —Jeremy Kren National Customer Solutions Manager

Graybar Services

Graybar Services uses eTurns’ full range of solutions from iPhone replenishment through eVMI. Currently, Graybar is planning to install a wireless mobile cart eVMI solution at 3 electrical contractors’ points-of-use. These carts will automate inventory monitoring and replenishment — saving the contractors money by streamlining order processes and spotting inappropriate usage.

“Reduce Inventory Levels by up to 40% with Graybar SmartStock Select [powered by eTurns]”–Dr. Perry Daneshgari, President and CEO, MCA Inc. (A Management Innovation Company)


“If the customer didn’t have eTurns we could not control the consigned inventory at the customer’s location. eTurns provides a great way to record the parts the customer used so we can bill them. Without it, we would have a lot more confusion and negotiations with customers.”–Ignacio Valdes, Anixter

Arbell Electronics

“Very user friendly and very easy to download info from the system. Great support from them. Easy to use product. There is nothing to dislike.”–Lee Wise, President, Arbell Electronics


We’ve used eTurns/3 remote storeroom inventory software for several years. We use it to help us manage the consigned inventories at our customer accounts. eTurns allows us to invoice on consumption, replenish as necessary and use one set of books to reconcile inventory. eTurns provides a very smooth way to track exactly what the customer used and needs to pay for.” –Ben Lasoi, Analyst, TTI

Electrical Wholesale Supply Co.

“The support, from the initial start-up and follow up to operational issues has been very good. The staff of eTurns have been very responsive to our needs and support of the site. They have all been engaged in their support of their system which allows us to better support our customers. There is a feeling a TEAM in our relationship.”–Alex Cross, E-Commerce Assistant Branch Manager, Electrical Wholesale Supply Co., Inc.