eTurns for Contractors

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eTurns can help contractors track and limit spending on projects.

eTurns cloud-based remote inventory management software can help you track consumption and limit spend by project and/or individual items. Use an iPhone, scanner or sensor to monitor consumption and replenish based on actual usage.  No more “just in case” inventory. eTurns helps manage all phases of your projects to maximize profitability.

I think I have shrinkage on my service trucks. Can eTurns help?

Yes. eTurns tracks parts and labor on work orders.  Periodic cycle counts monitor correct inventory levels and discrepancies are quickly highlighted. eTurns also automates the replenishment on the truck.

Can eTurns wireless mobile carts help me monitor consumption and automate replenishment at my construction sites?

Yes. eTurns eVMI puts sensors under bins on wireless, battery-operated mobile carts so electricians and others can have the material they need where and when they need it. eTurns software monitors the material based on weight and sends a resupply signal to the distributor.

Benefits for Contractors:

  • Up to 90% reduction in procurement and costs through automation
  • Increase inventory accuracy by 20%
  • Reduce cash-in-inventory by 35%
  • Eliminates labor costs in monitoring stock levels
  • Optimizes their inventories by trending usage
  • Tracks spend by items or phases
  • Prevents further consumption when spend limits are met
  • Requisition to get approval to consume material
  • Manage parts and labor on service trucks