Case Study: Electrical Contractor Chooses Graybar and Rexel For Their TrackStock Expertise

M&L Electrical used to struggle with an ongoing problem of purchasing more material than was truly needed for each job. Inefficient processes like hand-counting inventory and eyeballing estimates for how much material was needed left M&L with costly overstock.

Finally, they found the eTurns TrackStock VMI app through Rexel, one of their vendors. "With eTurns, we're able to track every aspect of our inventory. We get alerts when items reach a minimum level so we know to order more. I can always see current inventory and track usage, and the app is easy to use," says Barron.

"In the past, I spent at least two hours a day personally counting materials for the next day's jobs. With eTurns it only takes me 5 minutes every two weeks -- it gives me data on usage, quantity on hand, min/max levels and much more."  -- Jason Barron Field Operations Manager, M&L Electrical

Features M&L Liked In TrackStock: 

  • Real-time visibility to quantity-on-hand
  • Usage tracking
  • Adjust orders for forecasted needs
  • Project spend for cost accounting
  • Ease-of-use

Impact M&L Saw With TrackStock: 

  • Increased visibility
  • 99% decrease in time spent managing inventory
  • $800-1000 weekly savings due to fewer POs needed

Jason has advice for other contractors who may be choosing an onsite inventory app: "We tried another vendor's inventory app for awhile, but it didn't work well. We eventually moved that part of our business to Graybar just because of their expertise in delivering VMI with the eTurns TrackStock app, which we knew we liked."

"The eTurns interface is self-explanatory in terms of the layout -- I like the ease of use."

84% Reduction in Purchase Order Costs with Digitization

Before eTurns allowed Barron and his team to more precisely view their inventory levels and usage, they were stuck in a guessing game. With eTurns, they can track usage with one QR code scan, set min/max levels, and get email alerts on when to reorder. "We used to have to send five or six POs every week. Now with eTurns VMI, we're down to only one a week and it is sent through the app." The eTurns app allows Barron's team to review suggested orders and tap to send.

TrackStock Enables Consignment Inventory

When Rexel came to M&L offering VMI inventory management with the eTurns app in a consignment model, it was a game changer. On top of saving time and money tracking inventory and placing POs with eTurns, M&L also saves on carrying costs thanks to their vendors' use of consignment inventory. Using the eTurns app, the team at M&L simply scans inventory as they remove it from the trailer for use. At the end of the job, they only pay for what they've used. "Where eTurns has saved me the most money is that it lets me give my inventory back to my vendors at the end of every job because it provides accurate consignment usage reporting that my vendors and I can trust." "We really value getting consignment inventory from our vendors, and I don't see how that could be possible without eTurns."

"I don't see how you could track consignment inventory with any degree of accuracy and ease without eTurns." - Jason Barron Field Operations Manager, M&L Electrical

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