eTurns for Distributors

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eTurns gives distributors real-time visibility into your customers’ remote inventory, then automates replenishment.

eTurns cloud-based remote inventory management software helps both large and small distributors get real-time visibility into their customers’ stockroom inventory and then optimize the management of that inventory. Our smaller distributor customers tell us that we help them compete with larger distributors who may have an in-house inventory management system.  Yet larger distributors like Gexpro, Anixter and Graybar have used eTurns for years as their solution for optimizing inventory, maximizing service levels and increasing sales in their customer accounts.

Does eTurns manage both consigned and customer-owned inventories?

Yes. Distributors can now offer consigned inventory to their customers in a risk-mitigated way. eTurns reduces financial risk associated with consigned inventory by capturing all consumption transactions, providing a transaction on which the distributor can invoice, and providing one set of books for reconciliation. eTurns also works in a customer-owned inventory ownership model.

I want to increase my revenue and customer loyalty. Will eTurns do that?

Yes. Because eTurns is simple to use, customers spend more with you.  The more they spend, the more difficult it is to go to another vendor and the more indispensible you become. Our distributors find they grow revenues by 30% when their customers use eTurns.

Benefits for Distributors:

  • Increases revenue 30% from customers that you link to eTurns
  • Gain all the benefits of vending at 15% of the cost with eTurns eVMI Sensor-managed Inventory Management
  • Increase sales and service levels with automated replenishment
  • Reduce processing costs and cash-in-inventory
  • Eliminate stockouts
  • Use our powerful analytics to drive efficiency
  • Integrate seamlessly with other enterprise solutions
  • Co-brand your own eTurns solution
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Use any inventory management model — CMI (customer-owned), VMI (vendor-owned) or a mix
  • Supports multiple internal or external locations or points-of-use