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AI for inventory forecasting and working capital optimization

Optimize your point-of-use inventory by tracking actual usage, not historical orders. TrackStock learns from your past inventory usage and guides you in how to set your minimum and maximum inventory levels at optimal levels. It calculates recommended min/max levels to prevent stockouts and ensures you have the right amount of the right items at the right time. The Min/Max Tuning Dashboard works with both customer-owned or consigned inventory.

TrackStock displays current and optimized inventory values and shows you how much cash you can remove from stockroom inventory and still be assured you have enough. Get crucial insights into how much you can save each year in carrying costs by optimizing stockroom and truck inventories.

Here's how the Min/Max Tuning Dashboard works:

Step 1: To start, set the initial min/max/critical parameters for each item

Step 2: After at least 45 days of tracking your item usage, TrackStock calculates what optimized inventory values should be and displays these values for you: 1) current value, 2) optimized value that ensures you have what you need and won't stockout, 3) the percentage of inventory that is above what you need, 4) the dollar value of the inventory and carrying costs you could save. 

Step 3: Optionally, use the slider bar to set trial scenarios where your min/max settings move x% closer to optimized. If you click "apply," your min/max settings will all be reset that degree closer to optimized levels. 

Key Benefits:

Get guidance for setting optimal min/max levels based on your actual item usage

After only 45 days of using TrackStock, the dashboard will know how to calculate your min/max inventory levels for optimized inventory

Easily select the items you wish to update to the suggested optimal min/max levels, and apply with one click

The dashboard displays the monetary value of what you could save in one time inventory reduction and annual carrying costs if you move to optimal min/max levels

Quickly view potential savings by moving the tuning slider bar between current and optimal min/max levels

See this feature in action

See this feature in action