eTurns manages consumable supplies in medical clinics and hospital stockrooms

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eTurns cloud-based remote inventory management software helps healthcare workers track usage and automate replenishment across multiple remote stocking locations.  With eTurns ability to lower your procurement costs, there is really no reason to stock materials “just in case” anymore.  While enterprise level ERP systems manage inventory well in distribution centers, they have great difficulty providing management with any visibility into an organization’s remote storerooms of disposible supplies.  eTurns can provide a simple and productive way to replenish inventory using anyone’s iPhone.  If management wants to track inventory, the eTurns Remote Storeroom Solution and a barcode scanner allow you to track consumption and tune min/maxes.  The result: taking as much cash out of storeroom inventory as possible while eliminating stockouts.

Can eTurns help me prevent over-stock and stock-outs in my hospital storerooms?

Yes. eTurns helps lower your inventory carrying costs and procurement costs by automating the order process. Using an iPhone, barcode scanner or sensor, you can monitor consumption and replenish based on actual usage.  No more “just in case” inventory.  No more building extra storerooms.

As a buyer, I have no visibility into any of my hospitals multiple stockrooms. Can eTurns help?

Yes. eTurns gives real-time visibility into remote storerooms via any web-browser to optimize inventories and eliminate stockouts.

Benefits for Medical Clinics and Hospitals:

  • Gain real-time inventory visibility into remote stockrooms
  • Track usage across multiple remote stocking locations in a simple, accurate way
  • Assist buyers with actual usage history
  • Gain anytime, anywhere access with zero IT footprint
  • Integrate seamlessly with other enterprise solutions through standard interfaces
  • Use our powerful analytics to optimize your inventory
  • Reduce procurement costs by up to 90% through automation
  • Use consignment and reduce cash-in-inventory by 35%+
  • Increase inventory accuracy by 20%
  • Eliminate stockouts and PO paperwork/calls/faxes
  • Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction