eTurns TrackStock for MRO Inventory Management 

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eTurns TrackStock helps manufacturers manage and replenish MRO parts as well as maintain assets.

It is too expensive and cumbersome to manage indirect MRO parts within an ERP system. eTurns cloud-based inventory management software helps you optimize your indirect MRO inventories — with or without an ERP/WMS system. If you turn on our trending capabilities, eTurns dashboard uses your usage history to suggest new minimums and maximum order levels. Optimizing these order levels prevents stockouts and minimizes the cash spent on standing inventory.  Also, our software gives you access to vendors’ catalogs to search for and find new items to manage in your stockroom.  In addition, we provide a solution to manage the maintenance of the equipment you use to build your products, optionally sending email alerts regarding upcoming maintenance due.

Can I have my MRO material monitored and replenished automatically by eTurns?

Yes. With eTurns eVMI, we place a sensor under each bin of material or in a compartment of a drawer.  Several times each day, the eVMI sensors take a complete physical inventory of all items, convert the weight to quantity, compare the quantity to the minimum, and create an order up to the maximum. No human intervention. No stockouts.  Learn more about eTurns eVMI

Can eTurns help me as a manufacturer be my own distributor?

Yes. To streamline operations, enterprising manufacturers often wish to serve as their own distributor, yet need the tools to do so. eTurns provides manufacturers with a way to be their own distributor and to provide consigned or customer-owned inventory management to their customers and eliminate the need for a distribution center.  Learn more about eTurns Remote Stockroom

Would providing eTurns to my customers help me?

Yes. Provide eTurns to your customers in order to capture usage history of your material at their location, manage the inventory at their sites, and automate the replenishment of the inventory they buy from you.

Benefits for Manufacturers:

  • Manage indirect MRO parts – trend usage to eliminate stockouts
  • Automate replenishment of MRO parts with multiple suppliers / blanket POs
  • Create work orders to capture parts and labor when performing maintenance
  • Receive email alerts before maintenance is due so you can plan
  • Manage consigned or customer-owned inventory
  • Gain real-time visibility into your customers’ or your remote storeroom inventory
  • Be your own distributor
  • Eliminate the need for a distribution center
  • Integrate seamlessly with other enterprise solutions