Dashboard Alerts and Analytics

One of the most valuable capabilities of eTurns is the dashboard. The dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in and it shows your to-do list. Each module that can have pending transactions will indicate with a red circle the number of transactions that need the users attention to be completed. If an order is created but not submitted, it will be visible. If it has not yet been approved, it will be circled in red. The number of stockouts that have occurred this year will be circled. The number of items whose on hand quantity is under the minimum or over the maximum will be called out. If a requisition is awaiting approval, you will know. If an asset needs maintenance or a tool needs calibration, the dashboard will highlight it. One click on the specific alert will take the user directly to the offending transaction for action.

eTurns provides a graph that brings together in one graphic the result of all of your hard work to optimize inventory and maximize services levels. It is a clear metric of results over your specified period of time. On one graph, you can see total inventory value, inventory turns, and the number of stockouts that month. Whether you are managing your own inventory or that of your customers, this graph will allow you very quickly to determine effectiveness.

Capabilities within the Dashboard Alerts and Analytics Module:

  • Focuses user’s attention on their “to dos”  with red circle alerts
  • Examples of alerts:
    • Items below minimum or critical quantity
    • Requisitions that need approval
    • Orders that need approval
    • Pulls that need to happen
    • Assets that need maintenance
    • Tools that need calibration
    • Cycle counts that need to be performed
    • Projects that have exceeded $ or item quantity limits
    • Receives that are ready
    • Transfers that need completion
  • Optimize mins/maxs based on consumption or orders
  • Analyze stockroom: valuation, turns, stockouts, category/supplier allocation