Managing Assets and Tools

Many contractors want to track who has their tools: even the more typical ones like hammers and extension cords. The eTurns Tool Module makes this simple. We assign a serial number to these tools and keep track of the individuals who have checked them in and out. More expensive tools that have their own serial numbers are individually tracked so you know who last had them. If they need calibration, eTurns prevents them from being checked out until they have been serviced and placed back into inventory.

Assets need preventive maintenance to stay in service, whether they are machines used in the OEM production process or a truck used to haul material. You can use a “work order” on all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on your assets to capture maintenance records, parts and labor. When you set up maintenance schedules for your assets, you can specify when you’d like to receive an email notification about the upcoming maintenance. You can use eTurns reports to display all of an asset’s maintenance history at any time.

Capabilities within the Managing Asset and Tools Module:

  • Track multiples of identical tools, like extension cords
  • Prevent check out of a tool if it is time for calibration
  • Track who last checked out a tool and when
  • Send email before maintenance is due
  • Add quicklist of parts, kits, and labor typically used to maintain an asset to the work order