eTurns TrackStock Manage

Remote Storeroom Inventory ManagementeTurns TrackStock Manage is cloud-based software that provides organizations with real-time visibility into remote stockroom inventories and then automates the order process. Designed for companies who want to manage consigned or customer-owned inventory, not just do replenishment,  eTurns TrackStock Manage allows a user to do more automated and sophisticated inventory management with a barcode scanner/PDA.

TrackStock Manage includes min/max parameters; limiting spending by project or item; making a kit; staging inventory; automating cycle counts; tracking serial numbers, lot numbers, date codes; managing assets/tools; and many other sophisticated yet easy-to-use modules, as seen below.


  • up to 90% reduction in procurement costs through automation
  • distributors report over 30% revenue increase with eTurns
  • reduce inventory levels and carrying costs by 35%+
  • manage consigned or customer-owned inventory
  • increase inventory accuracy by 20%
  • set min/max inventory levels based on actual usage
  • eliminate stockouts as well as purchase order paperwork/calls/faxes
  • optimize inventory and track usage across multiple remote stocking locations
  • powerful dashboard analytics with alerts to drive increasing levels of efficiency
  • get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

Modules included within TrackStock Manage:

4 Simple Ways to Manage Inventory with eTurns:

eturnsiphone2Android / iPhone / iPad / iPod

eturnsbarcode2Barcode Scanner PDA

eturnsevmi2eVMI Sensor

eturnsrfid2RFID Tracking

Why use eTurns?

  • Over 1000 satisfied customers
  • Works with existing ERP/WMS or by itself
  • Cloud based solution with 99.98% uptime
  • 3.5M transactions / month
  • It’s simple