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TrackStock frequently beats out the competition in key categories relating to support, quick implementation, and more.

Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers
Loved By Customers


"Manually counting SKUs, writing orders and deciphering notes to put into our ERP system for picking at the warehouse took about an hour. Using eTurns takes 15 minutes. And eTurns was the right fit for automating VMI replenishment into our e-commerce punchout system."

Andy Wolfe

Director of Inventory Management Services

"If the customer didn't have eTurns we could not control the consigned inventory at the customer's location. eTurns provides a great way to record the parts the customer used so we can bill them. Without it, we would have a lot more confusion and negotiations with customers. We wish they couldn't sell it to our competitors because it ends up being a good differentiator for us in sales engagements."

Ignacio Valdes


"In the past, I spent at least two hours a day personally counting materials for the next day's jobs. With eTurns it only takes me 5 minutes every two weeks -- it gives me data on usage, quantity on hand, min/max levels and much more. And I like the ease-of-use."

Jason Baron

Field Operations Manage, M&L Electrical, a Graybar Customer

"Gexpro ED has used eTurns for over a decade for point-of-use VMI inventory management with hundreds of customers. The company provides great support that is personal while their product is the best we have seen in this space."

Jeremy Kren

National Customer Solutions Manager, Gexpro

"We were using a completely manual process that led to a stockroom filled with unused supplies and lots of stuff expiring. Switching to eTurns demonstrated significant change in a short period of time. The value of our inventory on hand was north of $75,000 when we started using the system; now we have around $20,000 sitting on the shelves. The drain on my time has been significantly reduced and continues to improve."

Brian Galowitz

Lakes Region EMS

“The software is very accurate and responsive. It has made a significant difference in our business.”

Martin M

Account Rep

"eTurns optimized our inventory and drastically reduced the number of POs we needed to create, saving us $31,000 the first year — which created an ROI of 900%."

Rhonda Einck, Senior Buyer

Source One Technologies

"eTurns pays for itself within 1-2 months of each new customer installation and it allows us to stock 35% less inventory at our customers' stockrooms because of the visibility it provides."

Ray Herzog, Chief Commercial Leader

Gexpro Services

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