TrackStock grows with you

It’s easy to get started with TrackStock and when you’re ready we’re here to take your replenishment to the next level. We offer different plans to accommodate your unique needs. 


Replenish stock with digital reordering.

Eliminate paper POs and spreadsheets by digitizing stockroom reorders with our mobile scanning app. Send orders directly to all your suppliers.


Manage inventory with usage tracking.

Track usage and know quantity on hand. Decrease shrinkage by tracking exactly where your products are being used. Use work orders to capture parts and labor on a job along with images and signatures. Keep tabs on your business with custom reports and email alerts. 


Optimize your inventory. Even add SensorBins, e-Labels, and RFID.

Dramatically reduce inventory, stockouts, and carrying costs with optimized replenishment using our SensorBins. Use the Min/Max Tuning Dashboard to learn how much extra inventory you are carrying as well as what your optimal min/max settings should be based on actual usage. 

Here's how it works

Watch our video to learn how TrackStock works to simplify your workflow and save money. Want to learn how much you could save on your reordering process? Check out our ROI calculator. 

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

How much time, labor and money could TrackStock save you by improving your replenishment process? Use our ROI Calculator to find out. 

Trust the Numbers

Here’s what our customers have seen


reduction of procurement costs


reduction of inventory


customizable reports


faster than eCommerce or spreadsheets


"In the past, I spent at least two hours a day personally counting materials for the next day's jobs. With eTurns it only takes me 5 minutes every two weeks -- it gives me data on usage, quantity on hand, min/max levels and much more. And I like the ease-of-use."

Jason Baron

Field Operations Manage, M&L Electrical, a Graybar Customer

Industries & Integrations

The applications of TrackStock are endless.

Select an industry to see how TrackStock is used in different fields. Our software integrates seamlessly with other enterprise solutions you use.

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