Automated replenishment at the point-of-use for distributors and their customers.

eTurns TrackStock mobile inventory app increases inventory visibility, optimizes inventory, and lowers procurement costs in stockrooms and service trucks.

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Gexpro Services

"Our company just implemented a 700 scale eTurns eVMI Sensor-managed Inventory Solution at a large powergen manufacturer in Ohio. The customer was very impressed by the nearly $1M stock reduction and access to real-time on-hand inventory data."

Robert Connors


"If the customer didn’t have eTurns we could not control the consigned inventory at the customer’s location. eTurns provides a great way to record the parts the customer used so we can bill them. Without it, we would have a lot more confusion and negotiations with customers."

Ignacio Valdes


"Manually counting SKUs in customers stockrooms, writing orders and deciphering notes to put into our ERP system for picking at the warehouse took about an hour. Using eTurns takes 15 minutes."

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Andy Wolfe
Director of Inventory Management Services

eTurns TrackStock offers levels of automated replenishment





Scan barcodes to reorder or count


Track usage. Know quantity on hand. Manage consigned inventory.


Optimize point-of-use inventories using analytics. Manage tool cribs, kitting, spend limits, requisitions, asset maintenance

3 minute videos about how eTurns TrackStock helps different industries


Automate and optimize customer stockroom replenishment. Increase visibility. Manage VMI, CMI or consignment.


Get automated par restocking. Prevent expired product and shortages.

Tool Cribs

Track tools, maintenance, and parts needed for maintenance. Reduce time it takes to track tools by 80%. Get reports about who has what tool.


Manage and replenish MRO parts in a simple way with or without an ERP system. Maintain assets.


Manage parts on service trucks. Control project spend. Track multiple tools. Trend consumption.


Stop ordering excess inventory to prevent stockouts. Optimize inventory. Reduce costs. Eliminate stockouts.


10x Faster Ordering

10x faster replenishment order process than an e-commerce site or manual methods

Using eTurns TrackStock Replenish inventory management app and a phone/scanner, users scan barcodes of items that need replenishment. Information such as item #, location, package quantity, and customer details are all captured with one scan. Tapping "Send PO" sends the orders through eTurns’ cloud directly to the distributor's ERP system. This process eliminates 90% of the time it takes to order from an e-commerce site where customers have to write down and key-in part numbers plus it helps keep customers from price shopping these items on other sites. TrackStock Replenish can be used by either distributor drivers/reps doing VMI or end-customers scanning for themselves (CMI).

Stockroom Inventory Optimization

Up to 73% reduction in inventory value through optimization. Eliminate stockouts.

A distributor's customers who use TrackStock Manage inventory app to scan the items they use are able to track consumption, fine tune minimum/maximum levels using eTurns' trending recommendations, and therefore optimize inventory levels while avoiding stockouts. By optimizing inventory, eTurns' customers have decreased inventory value by up to 73%. By using eTurns inventory software for automated replenishment and optimization on an ongoing basis, customers can save cash every year by continually operating with lower annual inventory carrying costs.

Distribution Center Optimization

Replenish based on actual usage, not historical orders

Many ERP and demand planning software products use historical orders to determine when a distributor should replenish customers, but eTurns TrackStock tracks actual customer usage at the point-of-use. This data is tracked by the eTurns TrackStock Precise Demand Planning™ Solution and can be fed to a distributor's ERP or demand planning software in order to eliminate forecast error and optimize distribution centers to save cash.  

Visibility and Accuracy

Real-time visibility into customer inventory.

TrackStock keeps inventory managers in touch with their customers’ inventory by providing visibility and real-time monitoring of the status of all items at all times with any web browser. The TrackStock Dashboard keeps users informed about inventory levels, replenishment orders, min/max settings, turns, analytics and more. Users can set email alerts that are sent when min/max thresholds are breached, prompting automatic replenishment orders.  


Consolidated Batch Invoicing

Reduce procurement costs by over 95% with consolidated batch invoicing for consigned inventory

TrackStock can either: 1) immediately send off the consumption transactions, 2) hold them until a later date by batching them, or 3) consolidate them and send them at a later date. Batching the consigned pulls simply delays sending every individual pull that the customer’s tech did in using the material. Consolidating the pulls means that TrackStock can take all of the pulls for the batch and reduce the number of POs sent to the distributor by sending only one PO per item. 

One Tool

Supplier independent—provide your customers one tool for replenishment

A distributor can offer eTurns TrackStock Replenish inventory management app to customers to replenish all consumables from all suppliers using only one tool. TrackStock will separate items by supplier -- the “sponsoring” distributor’s orders are sent directly from the customer to the distributor’s ERP system for timely replenishment, while other suppliers’ orders are sent through email. Meanwhile, the sponsoring distributor can see within the eTurns Bill of Materials all the items the customer orders from other distributors so they can compete for that business.

More Revenue

Distributors increase same-customer revenues by 30%

eTurns’ distributor customers have found that when they sell more than just products - but the easy replenishment of those products - they are able to increase revenue with those customers by up to 30%. By making replenishment easy with eTurns, customers have no reason to leave, and distributors end up increasing their share of wallet.

Consigned Inventory

Manage consigned inventory easily by tracking usage

eTurns TrackStock Manage helps distributors offer consigned inventory to their customers in a risk-mitigated way. By capturing each consumption transaction, TrackStock Manage allows the distributor to bill based on usage as TrackStock sends those transactions to the distributor’s ERP system. TrackStock also has the ability to hold these consumption transactions and send them weekly or on any schedule depending on customer agreement. Independently, eTurns TrackStock will continuously monitor on-hand quantities to trigger replenishment when the minimums are breached.

Less Shrinkage

Decrease shrinkage 20-40% with service truck inventory management

Manage field service truck inventory with iPhones/Androids and the eTurns TrackStock Truck App. It helps contractors ensure they have the right parts on their trucks in the right quantities and creates work orders in seconds for immediate customer approval. The contractor simply scans out parts and records hours spent by creating an workorder on the Smartphone App. Since eTurns keeps track of what is on the truck, fewer parts disappear. Contractors make more money doing jobs and spend less time running to a store for parts.

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Powerful dashboard analytics to optimize stockrooms & trucks

  • Automatically tune min-maxs based on usage
  • Get email alerts for actions needed 
  • Get graphs and analytics that measure progress toward optimization 
eTurns TrackStock App has an analytics dashboard that shows recommended minimum and maximum inventory settings and inventory turns
Infographic of 8 icons that show the 8 different costs categories associated with inventory carrying costs

Free eBook: "A Distributors Guide to Taking Cash Out of Inventory"

Carrying costs are the costs of holding inventory and they typically represent 25-55% of inventory value. eTurns TrackStock uses real-time customer usage data to optimize customer stockroom inventory and distribution center inventory in order to save cash — including from inventory carrying costs.

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  • Learn how you can decrease inventory levels by up to 73%
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eTurns pays for itself within 1-2 months of each new customer installation and it allows us to stock 35% less inventory at our customers' stockrooms because of the visibility it provides.
-- Ray, Gexpro Services

It's user-friendly, has easy navigation, an accessible platform, is versatile, and offers exceptional customer service. It's been great.
-- Jeremy, Humana

Replenish 10x faster than ecommerce sites

Decrease customer inventories by up to 73%

Increase existing-customer revenue up to 30%

Reduce shrinkage and stockouts to near 0