TrackStock for MRO

Optimize Your MRO Inventory Replenishment To Avoid Stockouts

TrackStock helps manufacturers optimize the replenishment of MRO parts and the parts needed to maintain assets. Managing these parts in an ERP system is cumbersome, but eTurns makes it easy, and works with any ERP/WMS or without one. 

Optimize Your MRO Inventory Replenishment To Avoid Stockouts
Right supplies. Right place. Right time.

Right supplies. Right place. Right time.

The TrackStock app helps you track usage, set min/max levels, and trigger digital orders to any supplier for auto-replenishment of your MRO supplies. Powerful reporting and analytics make it easy to reach the profitability and efficiency goals of your business.

Consign inventory to your distributors for greater market reach. TrackStock can track consigned usage for efficient billing

See supply levels in real-time across all stockrooms - both yours as well as your distributors' customers'

Track asset maintenance schedules in the app. It ensures the required parts are on-hand when asset maintenance of your plant and equipment is due

Enjoy tool crib management that tracks who has which tools as well as when/how they need to be maintained

Cut costs. Optimize. Increase efficiency.

Cut costs. Optimize. Increase efficiency.

TrackStock works with and exceeds your business objectives. Carry less inventory by optimizing. Spend less time counting. Give everyone real-time visibility with our Alert Dashboard and Min/Max Tuning Dashboard

Get on-demand physical inventory counts every day from any location using SensorBins

Be your own distributor or integrate with any distributor

Use electronic labels to effortlessly replenish with a button when items hit the reorder point

Manage consigned inventory seamlessly with consolidated billing


Our airline customer is constantly reordering product from us and wanted a barcode scanning solution that let them reorder parts FAST. The customer was very happy that eTurns reduced to ONE step when other systems required three scans. And eTurns only took 2 weeks to integrate to our system. Training on eTurns only took 5 minutes and it has been running flawlessly ever since.

Derick T.

Asset Management Systems Manager, S & S Supply and Solutions

Manage your MRO inventory with accuracy & speed.

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