TrackStock Replenish

Digitize your POs by scanning to order or count. TrackStock Replenish is 10x faster than replenishing with e-commerce sites or spreadsheets because it only requires a scan and a tap to send the PO to any distributor.

TrackStock Replenish
TrackStock Replenish
It's time to go digital

It's time to go digital

Simply scan barcodes or QR codes to reorder items with our easy-to-use TrackStock scanning app. Alternatively, cycle count items in your supply room or truck and the app will trigger suggested orders using min/max settings.

Reduce procurement labor and costs by over 90% by digitizing your POs

Get suggested orders from TrackStock when your cycle count shows items are below the minimum level

Decrease human error, stockouts, and overstock by automating the order process

Use one app to order from all your suppliers


Our airline customer is constantly reordering product from us and wanted a barcode scanning solution that let them reorder parts FAST. The customer was very happy that eTurns reduced to ONE step when other systems required three scans. And eTurns only took 2 weeks to integrate to our system. Training on eTurns only took 5 minutes and it has been running flawlessly ever since.

Derick T.

Asset Management Systems Manager, S & S Supply and Solutions

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TrackStock FAQs

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Yes. TrackStock is supplier-independent. We know that everyone orders products from multiple suppliers, so we developed TrackStock to require only one scan and a tap to send your digital PO to all your suppliers. 

With the TrackStock mobile app, you simply scan a QR code of an item in a bin or on a shelf that you want to reorder. Then you tap send and it sends the digital PO to any supplier. Then you move on to the next item in the stockroom you need to replenish. If you use e-commerce, you have to write down a product number in a stockroom, walk back and sign in to your e-commerce site, type in an item number, search for the item, add it to you cart, adjust quantities, address payment, then purchase. Even e-commerce sites that have a mobile app have many more cumbersome steps than the TrackStock app. 

Yes, TrackStock assists you in customizing your Avery labels with linear barcode, QR codes, images, product info, logos, etc. You print them out on standard Avery labels and attach the labels to the bins or shelves.