TrackStock for Distributors

Get your customers excited about your VMI offering

TrackStock helps distributors differentiate themselves with a VMI/CMI app that delivers time and cost savings for their customers and them. Use QR code scans, eLabels or SensorBins to make point-of-use replenishment paperless and accurate.

Get your customers excited about your VMI offering

We Help Distributors Optimize Customer Replenishment and Maximize Service Levels

TrackStock helps distributors offer their customers one easy-to-use app for optimized VMI/CMI replenishment of all their stockroom consumables. Manage consigned inventory with easy usage tracking. Dashboards and email alerts with reports give all parties real-time visibility. Digitized POs save paper and time. Learn more about TrackStock in our quick video overview or read our case study below.

Here's how you benefit

Here's how you benefit

Make your Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) sales reps 4-10x more efficient with our easy scanning app

Distributors who use eTurns for VMI/CMI say it has helped increase same-customer revenues over 30%

Offer consigned inventory, capture usage, consolidate invoices, and bill accurately

Make your entire product catalog searchable through our app for easy customer orders

Offer a customer-managed inventory (CMI) app for convenient self-service

Keep customers from price shopping thanks to easy auto-replenishment

Feed your demand planning software with better POU customer usage data

Reduce PO costs by going paperless and reducing order entry. Send digital reorders directly to your ERP

Here's how your customers benefit

Here's how your customers benefit

Get a CMI self-service app that is 10x faster than spreadsheets or ecommerce

Spend over 90% less on procurement by eliminating paper POs and moving to consolidated digital POs

Be up and running with eTurns in hours

Use one app to replenish from all suppliers

Eliminate stockouts

Customers have saved up to 73% on inventory and carrying costs through smarter reordering with TrackStock


"If the customer didn't have eTurns we could not control the consigned inventory at the customer's location. eTurns provides a great way to record the parts the customer used so we can bill them. Without it, we would have a lot more confusion and negotiations with customers. We wish they couldn't sell it to our competitors because it ends up being a good differentiator for us in sales engagements."

Ignacio Valdes


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