TrackStock for Service Trucks

Service Truck Inventory Management Software

Complimentary to any field service software such as Service Titan, TrackStock specializes in managing the inventory on your truck and in your store rooms.

Service Truck Inventory Management Software
Always have the parts you need

Always have the parts you need

The TrackStock Mobile App helps technicians (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, landscaping) create work orders on service calls that capture parts, labor, a customer approval signature, and photos of job activity and status. 

Use the easy scanning app to order inventory or to track usage. Usage triggers auto-replenishment using min/maxes

Restock trucks by ordering from any supplier or by transferring from trucks or stockrooms

Reduce administrative costs by 90% by automating replenishment 

Eliminate wasted time driving to supply houses looking for parts because the parts you need are on the truck

Reduce shrinkage on trucks by using work orders to track all item usage and receives

Get real-time visibility into inventory stored in all locations so you can manage, replenish and transfer items

Benefits for Technicians

Benefits for Technicians

TrackStock helps technicians be more productive with their time on a service call because they have the right parts on their van and can create work orders with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Avoid trips to supply houses for parts not on the truck.

Capture usage on work orders that creates an accurate customer invoice for their signature and triggers replenishment transfers to restock your truck

Use our easy QR-code scanning app on a phone or tablet to create work orders with labor, parts, photos and signatures. 

Add new parts easily. Scan a new item’s barcode, take a photo, and enter details about the items purchased while on a job so this info can be added to the work order

Benefits for Back Office

Benefits for Back Office

TrackStock helps you reallocate time to revenue-generating activities instead of counting inventory, keying in POs & work orders, or running to the store for last-minute parts. Get email alerts with useful reports and min/max inventory analytics so replenishment levels are on target.

Get a 90% reduction in procurement costs by digitizing POs and work orders

Track project spend by item or job phases. Prevent usage when limits are met. Use user-defined fields to help capture job specific info while scanning

Increase margins by using consigned inventory with suppliers and returning unused items upon job completion

Integrated with Amazon Business’s catalog. Use the TrackStock app to scan your Amazon items to track usage, set min/maxes, automate reordering, and get order integration. 

Optimize inventories with dynamically adjusted min/max levels based on your usage. Avoid ordering “just-in-case” inventory

Decrease shrinkage and have better on-hand inventory accuracy by tracking usage. 

Integrate with punchout, Quickbooks and any distributors' ERP system for fully-automated, digitized, and optimized inventory replenishment

Before eTurns, we had overstock on our trucks because we didn’t know what we would need and when. Within three to four months, the company was able to reduce the line items routinely carried in a truck from 315 to between 150 and 175. Our inventory on each truck was at $20,000 and we were able to reduce it to $14,000. As a result of decreasing the inventory on the trucks, the company’s warehouse inventory was reduced from roughly $1.6m to $875,000. Service America’s annual carrying costs were reduced by around $131,250."

Carlos E., Dir. of Operations

Service America

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