TrackStock App 101

eTurns TrackStock is an inventory replenishment app that reorders, tracks and optimizes inventory at the point-of-use (in stockrooms and vehicles) using scans, SensorBins, RFID and eLabels.


Automate and optimize customer stockroom replenishment. Increase visibility. Manage VMI, CMI or consignment.


Get automated par restocking. Prevent expired product and shortages.

Tool Cribs

Track tools, maintenance, and parts needed for maintenance. Reduce time it takes to track tools by 80%. Get reports about who has what tool.


Manage and replenish MRO parts in a simple way with or without an ERP system. Maintain assets.

Contractors & Service Trucks

Manage parts on service trucks and at customer jobsites. Control project spend. Track multiple tools. Trend consumption.


Stop ordering excess inventory to prevent stockouts. Optimize inventory. Reduce costs. Eliminate stockouts.