eTurns TrackStock provides EMS agencies with automated par restocking, as well as email alerts for scheduled vehicle maintenance and device calibration

Use our mobile EMS inventory app to scan items you want to order, count or use. eTurns will track usage, help you set par levels, and trigger digital orders to any supplier for replenishment. Avoid stockouts and get powerful reports.  

  • Provides real-time visibility wherever mission-critical inventory is stored
  • Creates electronic records for increased accountability and decreased liability

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“We were using a completely manual process that led to a stockroom filled with unused supplies and lots of stuff expiring. Switching to eTurns demonstrated significant change in a short period of time. The value of our inventory on hand was north of $75,000 when we started using the system; now we have around $20,000 sitting on the shelves. The drain on my time has been significantly reduced and continues to improve.”

— Brian Galowitz, Minnesota Operations Manager
Lakes Region EMS

Benefits for EMS Agencies:

Real-time Visibility

Provide real-time visibility into stock levels of devices, supplies and medicines in stockrooms, ambulances, fire trucks and more


Ensure accountability for supplies on a truck at the beginning/end of a shift

Track Substances

Track controlled substances

Track Dates

Track expiration dates to decrease waste

Avoid Stockouts

Set par/min/maxes to automate restocking

Decrease Shrinkage

Track usage and highlight discrepancies

Decrease Liability

Decrease the liability associated with poor inventory management


Simplify and automate the reordering process.


Optimize inventories and reduce cash-in-inventory by up to 73%

Right Supplies. Right place. Right time.

Automate replenishment with eTurns cloud software to optimize inventory levels, manage liability, simplify restocking and save time and money.

  • Set par/min/maxes to automate restocking.
  • Access vendors’ catalogs to find new items to manage in your stockroom/truck.
  • Drive efficiency with eTurns’s powerful analytics, email alerts and reporting.
  • Integrate eTurns with other ERP or accounting solutions.
Inside of an ambulance that is neatly stocked with a bed and EMS medical supplies
8 EMS ambulances lined up outside

Schedule vehicle and device maintenance

eTurns TrackStock helps you manage vehicle and equipment maintenance. Use eTurns to schedule the work and send email alerts for upcoming maintenance as well as manage the parts needed for that maintenance.

eTurns TrackStock EMS Brochure

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eTurns EMS Brochure showing phones, scanners, RFID and sensors used to replenish inventory in an EMS vehicle
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eTurns TrackStock EMS Case Study - Lakes Region EMS

How eTurns automated inventory replenishment app saved EMS provider thousands of dollars and countless hours – and may even help save lives.

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