Distributors should use ecommerce sites to attract and educate customers, NOT to replenish.

Distributors should use ecommerce sites to attract and educate customers, NOT to replenish.

Distributors should create an e-commerce site for only two reasons: attracting new customers and informing existing ones. The biggest mistake many distributors make is expecting customers to replenish product through their website. Sending customers to their eCommerce site invites price shopping on the Internet and introduces competition. Instead, distributors should have their customers use eTurns TrackStock Replenish to scan barcodes of items they want to reorder because it cuts is 10x faster than an replenishing through an e-commerce site. With one scan of any bar code of repeat-buy items, eTurns inventory management software captures all necessary information about the customer, item, package quantity, and location. After scanning, the user taps “send” and the order is sent directly to the distributor’s ERP for replenishment through the eTurns cloud. eTurns makes ordering simple, fast, and it keeps customers from price shopping. The benefit: distributors increase customer retention and share of wallet as well as save their customers time.


TrackStock Replenish 10x Faster than eCommerce Site

TrackStock Replenish eliminates these steps from reordering

Typical steps in the replenishment process (CMI/VMI) Distributor eCommerce Site eTurns TrackStock Replenish
Walk stockroom to visually check item quantities
Decide if an item needs replenishment
Capture an item number Write down Scan with visual and audible feedback
Decide on replenishment quantity and capture it Write down Default reorder quantity automatically included with scan above
Walk to computer  
Login to eCommerce site  
Navigate to order page  
Key in item number  
Decide on price, vendor, etc.  
Customer can comparison shop on Amazon.com, Jet.com, etc.  
Enter quantity  
Add to cart  
Review cart to confirm  
Click/Tap to order
Receive confirmation emails

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