Contractors & Service Trucks

The TrackStock Mobile App helps contractors create work orders at jobsites with parts, labor, signature capture and photos. Track usage and automate replenishment. Send digital POs to any distributor.

Complimentary to any field service software, such as Service Titan, TrackStock specializes in service truck inventory management.

  • Get real-time visibility into inventory stored in all locations so you can manage, replenish and transfer items
  • Use the app to order inventory or to track consumption and automate replenishment using min/maxes
  • Avoid stockouts and get the job done in one trip
  • Track and limit spending on projects
  • Manage PunchOut
  • Save money on procurement and labor

"eTurns has live capture of parts usage, unlike our ERP. With eTurns on our 75 service trucks, we decreased line items on each truck from 315 to 170 and the amount of inventory on each truck from $20k to $14k. eTurns helped me streamline procurement so that my carrying costs went from $1.6M to $875K, for a savings of $725,000 a year. We reduced our 8 people in procurement to 3 and redeployed those people to dispatch and customer service."

-- Carlos Echazabal, Sr. Director of Operations, Service America