eTurns TrackStock automates replenishment and tracks usage of medical supplies in clinics and hospitals

While ERP systems manage inventory well in distribution centers, they have difficulty providing visibility into an organization’s remote storerooms of disposable supplies. eTurns TrackStock medical inventory management software apps provide this visibility plus a simple and productive way to replenish inventory using phones, scanners, RFID or IoT sensors.

  • Optimize stockroom inventory levels
  • Avoid ordering "just-in-case" inventory
  • Take cash out of stockroom inventory
  • Eliminate stockouts

"Since eTurns gives me a report on the cost of supply utilization for each surgical day plus total usage per month, I am able to keep a pulse on our net surgical profit consistently and without burning up too much of my time. It is great to track all procedure material costs as well as our real-time inventory status and value to determine how best to proceed through the various regulations and requirements arising out of COVID-19. Since our inventory manager is now 30% more efficient with his time, I can have him spend additional time focusing on the other qualities that make FastMD unique."

--Lindsey Wisniewski, COO of FastMD, an urgent care center for orthopedic needs