Digitize your stockroom POs with scans and sensors and send replenishment orders directly to any distributor

TrackStock Replenish App – Scan barcodes to order or count stockroom or truck inventory with scans or sensors. Use VMI or CMI. 

TrackStock Manage App – Includes everything in TrackStock Replenish, plus the ability to track usage, know quantity on hand and manage consignment inventory. 

TrackStock Optimize App – Includes everything in TrackStock Manage, plus the ability to optimize inventory with analytics and the Min/Max Tuning Dashboard. Manage tool cribs, asset maintenance, kitting, requisitions, etc. Use TrackStock SensorBins™ or TrackStock RFID for fully automated replenishment. 


The eTurns TrackStock App uses IoT weight sensors, phone scans and RFID to track stockroom inventory and digitize VMI or CMI replenishment orders.
How can I get alerts about stockroom inventory status? Screenshot of eTurns TrackStock Dashboard showing stockroom inventory levels and alerts where stockroom inventory is stocked out

Get real-time stockroom inventory visibility and track usage

eTurns TrackStock gives you real-time visibility into inventory status, orders, and usage with our dashboard. Set min/max levels, send email alerts to stakeholders with links to approve orders, schedule customized reports, set project spend limits, etc. 


TrackStock Dashboard: Learn what cash savings are possible by removing excess inventory from stockroom shelves

TrackStock tracks your average daily usage of each item and calculates what the optimum min/max settings should be to keep the optimal level of inventory in your stockrooms and trucks. Then it displays how much cash you can save now by reducing inventory to optimum levels. 

How can I optimize stockroom inventory? eTurns TrackStock software screenshot showing cost savings from optimized stockroom inventory levels
Table showing how optimizing inventory levels lowers inventory carrying costs.

TrackStock Dashboard: Learn how much you can save in annual stockroom inventory carrying costs

Carrying costs are the costs of holding inventory. The TrackStock Dashboard tells you how much excess inventory you are holding and what your estimated carrying costs savings are per year if you reduce inventory to optimized levels. TrackStock has helped customers decrease inventory as well as annual carrying costs by up to 73%. 

Get alerts when you have stockouts or areas need attention.

Our Alerts Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your real-time inventory status and alerts you of areas that need attention. See red alerts for stockouts or items that are moving too quickly or slowly.

Red alert circle on the eTurns TrackStock Dashboard alert users to stockouts in inventory stockrooms
Screenshot of the eTurns TrackStock Dashboard and the 75 standard and customizable reports.

Generate dozens of standard or custom reports.

eTurns has the best reporting and analytics capability of any VMI or CMI replenishment app. TrackStock's 75+ customizable reports give visibility into any series of transactions over any period of time and can be scheduled and sent to stakeholders.

Manage all procurement through one app

The only app that a customer will actually use is one that replenishes their inventory from ALL suppliers. eTurns does that. Suppliers -- learn why a multi-supplier app is good for you too. 

tablet with eTurns TrackStock App on it
box of tools

Reduce shrinkage by improving accountability for tools.

Keep track of expensive, serialized tools as well as multiples of the same inexpensive tool like hammers and extension cords. Learn who last had the item.

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Manage consignment inventory easily, especially with consolidated invoices

Managing consigned inventory is easy with eTurns because we capture all usage transactions, allow the distributor to consolidate or batch invoices, and provide one set of books for reconciliation.

xy axis graph showing revenues going up and costs going down
tools needed for asset maintenance

Decrease downtime by ensuring you have what you need when it’s time for asset maintenance.

Track and schedule asset maintenance. Optimize the inventory of all of the MRO material needed to maintain your assets. Get alerts when it is time for maintenance.

Reduce forecast error to take cash out of distribution centers

TrackStock gives distributors customer usage data from the point-of-use that no ERP software can give them: What customer will order what product in what quantity on what day. Plug that data in to reduce forecast error and optimize your distribution centers. 

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