4 ways to manage your inventory.

The eTurns TrackStock Platform has a suite of apps that let you choose the automated replenishment that is right for your business:

TrackStock Replenish – enables VMI/CMI with Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Learn more

TrackStock Manage – use a barcode scanner to manage consigned or customer-owned inventory. Learn more

TrackStock eVMI – use IoT weight sensors under bins of supplies together with eTurns eVMI software for fully automated replenishment. Learn more

TrackStock RFID – track inventory receipts, orders and consumption by waving a RFID tagged item past an RFID reader connected to eTurns. Learn more

Comprehensive Dashboard.

Our dashboard gives you a snapshot of your real-time inventory status.

Charts measure progress toward inventory optimization.

See inventory value, turns and stockouts over time so you can make sure you are on the right track.

Actionable red alerts.

See red alerts for stockouts or parts that are moving too fast or slow.

Past usage helps you set min/max.

eTurns sets min/max levels based on actual usage in order to optimize your inventory. Decrease levels up to 73% while preventing stockouts!

Get a comprehensive status of orders in one simple picture.

See what orders have been created but not submitted for approval, which orders are waiting for approval, which orders are past due and more.

Get access to the distributor’s master catalog to easily add new items to the stockroom.

Manage all procurement through our one application.

Manage the flow of the requisition process.

We provide visibility into the requisition process so you can identify requisitions which have not been approved and ones that have not been pulled.

Pie charts categorize your inventory.

Visually see where the majority of your cash is tied up in inventory.

Generate dozens of standard or customized reports.

Track your inventories so you can take action.

Use check boxes to set permissions and control.

Easily set who can do what in which locations with your inventory.

Use up to 70 standard and customized fields to identify and track each item.

Simply click the “on order” link for an item to see all the orders that include that item. Assign multiple manufacturer or supplier part numbers to the same item.

Use a common bill of material to manage parts across multiple service trucks or locations.