The Power of Precise Demand Planning™ to Compete Against Amazon

The Power of Precise Demand Planning™ to Compete Against Amazon

What if you viewed the last 10 feet of the supply chain differently? What if you saw it instead as the first 10 feet of the demand chain?

When you think about it this way, it puts you, as a distributor, in a new position. You’re no longer reactive. Instead, with that kind of access, you can collect data at the point of use. And with the right technology, you can take that data and calculate demand in real-time. No napkin math required, and no more reliance on generic forecasts from aggregated past orders.

Tracking and replenishing inventory at the point of use automatically gives you the data you need to do the required calculations for actual customer demand: quantity on hand, average daily usage, minimum and maximum. eTurns TrackStock Automated Replenishment App gives distributors actual customer demand information so they can optimize their distribution centers and take cash out.

To learn more about how Precise Demand Planning™ optimized inventory through automated inventory replenishment can help you compete, read this guest article by eTurns CEO Rock Rockwell for Industrial Supply Magazine.

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