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SensorBins provide physical inventory counts on demand in minutes with no human intervention

TrackStock SensorBins™ are a no-touch IoT inventory replenishment system. Weight sensors under bins of supplies work together with TrackStock IoT cloud software for fully automated replenishment. TrackStock SensorBins™ convert bin weights to quantity on an ongoing basis to trigger automatic replenishment orders when needed, using min/max settings.

SensorBins are especially useful in medical or manufacturing locations that absolutely cannot stock out of items. They also are useful for distributors with VMI customers in remote locations because SensorBins can monitor item usage and optimize inventory replenishment 24/7/365 - they extend your salesforce. SensorBins are able to be used by customers of the Optimize Plan and are available at an additional hardware cost.

Key Benefits:

Get fully automated replenishment at a fraction of the cost of inventory vending

Manage SensorBins from off-site with 24/7/365 visibility and monitoring of stockroom inventory from any browser

Optimize inventory by letting TrackStock use your past usage to calculate recommended min/max settings for the SensorBins

Removes human error and reorders automatically

Reduce inventory levels and carrying costs by up to 73%

Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

Extend your salesforce with real-time visibility of remote inventory

Eliminate stockouts by tracking usage and auto-replenishing with few labor costs

Perform complete physical inventory counts with SensorBins before making a VMI replenishment run

Get quick ROI and up to 90% reduction in procurement costs through automation

Get powerful dashboard analytics with alerts to drive increasing levels of efficiency

rack of shelves with many SensorBins for weight-based inventory replenishment

Here's how SensorBins work:

  1. IoT weight sensors sit under bins of parts on a stationary rack or mobile cart and the sensors weigh the parts at user-defined intervals.
  2. When the weight falls below a minimum, a replenishment order up to the maximum is sent through the TrackStock cloud software to the distributor’s ERP system.
  3. The distributor fulfills the order, the parts are shipped to the facility and the vendor or customer restocks the bins.

SensorBins work best for parts that weigh between .012 ounces and 3200 pounds. Fit up to 48 SensorBins bins on a standard 7ft x 4ft rack with 6 shelves.

See this feature in action

See this feature in action