TrackStock digitizes your item list and keeps it updated consistently across all of your stockrooms

The first thing you do when you get started with TrackStock is to upload your item list. The item list, also known commonly as the bill of materials, is a list of the items in your stockroom, truck, or point-of-use that you want to replenish on a regular basis using the TrackStock app's easy QR-code scanning functionality, or TrackStock's sensor solutions. 

Once you have your item list, you can print barcodes for your bins, set min/max levels, and be ready to use the App to scan your orders and/or track usage.  Once your Item List is established, you are ready to do any of the inventory management processes you see below.


Manage consigned and customer owned material

Set critical/min/maxes at item level or location level

Create multiple supplier or manufacturer numbers for the same item

Add new items from distributor catalogs

Toggle between picture view or grid view of item

Share a common BOM across multiple stockrooms

Create multiple cost UOMs

Track by serial #s, lot #s, and expiration date

Value inventory using LIFO, FIFO, average, or last cost

Click “quantity on order” to see the purchase order

Click “quantity on transfer” to see which transfers include the item

Click “quantity on requisition” to see which reqs include the item

Get automatic reclassification of A thru E by item each night based on inventory turns or cost of the item

Create quicklists to group items for quickly adding to order or pull

Use quicklists as a simple kit

Place quicklists within quicklists

Use unlimited bar codes for each item

View 2 images for each item, like picture and MSDS

Apply taxes to consumption of items and/or labor

Display value of distributor’s bonded inventory for any customer

Assign default reorder and pull quantities

Import large list of items at one time


A stockroom Bill of Material is simply a list of items in a stockroom that you are trying to manage, count, track or replenish.

See this feature in action

See this feature in action