Barcode Label Designer

TrackStock allows users to create their own barcode labels for placement on bins of parts so that users can easily and quickly scan the bin labels to order more parts or track usage

The software contains templates for Avery (page) labels and/or Zebra (roll) label. Users can choose what item information they wish to display. They can also choose the placement of any item information on the label such as item images and icons. Different fonts are also available. 


Allows user to create own labels

Software contains 26 Zebra (roll) templates

Line barcodes or QR barcodes

Multiple fonts available

Justify left, right and center

Choose whether or not to display the cell name

Software contains 33 Avery (page) templates

Multiple rows and columns

Choose the placement of any item info--names, images, and icons

Format each cell on a label

Add images for the item, company, supplier or distributor

Encode item number, manufacturer number, supplier number, or UPC

See this feature in action

See this feature in action