A next-gen VMI/CMI app for data-driven inventory replenishment of storerooms and trucks

Digitize your POs by scanning to order or count. eTurns TrackStock Replenish is 10x faster than replenishing with e-commerce sites or spreadsheets because it only requires a barcode scan and a tap to send the PO to any distributor. 

Let us show you how we can speed up replenishment.

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Make your stockroom or truck inventory replenishment more efficient with these key features: 

​Scan to order or count

For orders, simply scan a barcode with our mobile app and type the quantity you want. The app includes a barcode label designer for you to design and print out labels. With one scan, capture all the necessary supplier, location and package quantity data. For cycle counts, the app suggests orders if quantity on hand is less than the minimum. It tracks counted items and lets you know if you forgot to count an item.  

Valuable reports

Get convenient reports that help you take action, such as: current orders to suppliers, items in the stockroom listed by suppliers, as well as cycle counts based on inventory classification and turns. 

User permissions and audit trail

Using only checkboxes, the admin can set up roles and assign users. Each user will only see the features they need for their job. View a change log for all updates. Use user-defined fields for any transaction, item, tool, asset, order or pull. 

Quickbooks integration

TrackStock is integrated with Quickbooks! 

TrackStock Replenish Brochure

Download PDF 


TrackStock Replenish eliminates these steps from reordering

Typical steps in the replenishment process (CMI/VMI) Distributor eCommerce Site eTurns TrackStock Replenish
Walk stockroom to visually check item quantities
Decide if an item needs replenishment
Capture an item number Write down Scan with visual and audible feedback
Decide on replenishment quantity and capture it Write down Default reorder quantity automatically included with scan above
Walk to computer  
Login to eCommerce site  
Navigate to order page  
Key in item number  
Decide on price, vendor, etc.  
Customer can comparison shop on Amazon.com, Jet.com, etc.  
Enter quantity  
Add to cart  
Review cart to confirm  
Click/Tap to order
Receive confirmation emails


Reduce Costs

Give distributors and their customers a 90+% reduction in procurement costs by eliminating POs

Increase Control

Use Min/Max Tuning Dashboard for order guidance

1 App for All Suppliers

Use one app to reorder from all suppliers

No Stockouts & Overstock

Decrease errors, stockouts and problems with distributor bin stuffing

Modules included in the TrackStock Replenish Solution: