eTurns TrackStock is a next-gen VMI app that streamlines point-of-use replenishment for distributors and their customers 

TrackStock helps distributors differentiate themselves with a value-added replenishment service that delivers time and cost savings for their customers.

  • Helps smaller distributors compete with larger distributors who have in-house inventory replenishment apps
  • Helps larger distributors go to market quickly with a co-branded vendor managed inventory app that offers the broadest range of capabilities in the VMI industry. Order easily, track usage, automate replenishment, optimize inventory, maximize service levels and increase sales. 

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If the customer didn’t have eTurns we could not control the consigned inventory at the customer’s location. eTurns provides a great way to record the parts the customer uses so we can bill them. Without it, we would have a lot more confusion and negotiations with customers." 

-- Ignacio Valdes, Operations Supervisor, Anixter

Benefits DISTRIBUTORS get from using eTurns TrackStock:

Increase same customer sales ~30%

Reduce price shopping

Increase customer retention by making distributor invaluable

Optimized distribution centers from actual customer usage data

Benefits CUSTOMERS get from using eTurns TrackStock:

10x faster than e-commerce ordering

Optimize and decrease inventories up to 73%

Use one app to manage all consumables

Automate replenishment based on usage

Case Study From Electrical Distributor SMC

“Manually counting SKUs, writing orders and deciphering notes to put into our ERP system for picking at the warehouse took about an hour. Using eTurns takes 15 minutes." 
Andy Wolfe 
Director of Inventory Management Services

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Service truck technician uses phone to mark inventory consumed on his truck

eTurns automated replenishment helps distributors retain customers and grow revenue up to 30%

Customers are loyal to distributors who save them time and money.  eTurns powers the automated replenishment value-added services that distributors like Anixter, Graybar, and Arrow Electronics co-brand and offer to their customers.

Some distributors offer eTurns inventory management software for free and some charge customers for it, but all of them have found that it helps them retain customers and even increase revenues by as much as 30%. Not only is replenishing through eTurns 10x faster than replenishing through manual methods or e-com sites, but TrackStock Manage customers have been able to decrease inventories as much as 73% through optimization. In an increasingly competitive environment, distributors who save their customers time and money with useful value-added services will be able to retain and grow those customer relationships the best.

Can distributors get real-time visibility into their customers' stockroom inventory?

Yes. eTurns TrackStock helps distributors and their customers get real-time visibility into the customers’ stockroom inventory and then automate the replenishment of that inventory to avoid stockouts and overstock. 

flow chart of how eTurns gives real-time visibility to distributors of inventory orders that go through the cloud app
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Speedy time-to-market with a differentiated service

Distributors can be up and running with a new value-added service within two weeks, customers can be up and running within hours.

Speed-to-market and the ability to offer differentiated services that save customers time and money are increasingly important to distributors competing for business today. A distributor can marry its products with eTurns TrackStock inventory management software to offer an inventory management & replenishment value-added service to its customers. A distributor can have this service be operational within 2 weeks, including integrating eTurns TrackStock with the Distributor’s ERP system. Customers can be up and running within hours with TrackStock Replenish - an easy-to-use scanning solution for replenishing products.

Alternatively, if customers want to keep track of inventory on hand or manage consigned inventory, TrackStock Manage will give them this functionality and they can be up and running in a day. With TrackStock Manage customers scan items when they are consumed or use IoT weight sensors to measure product usage.

Distributors who offer eTurns TrackStock to their customers are giving them a tool to reduce the cash in their inventories by up to 73% and reduce the time it takes to replenish by 90%. eTurns distributor customers find that eTurns helps them increase customer retention as well as increases same-customer revenue by up to 30%.

Customers get ONE solution for replenishment of all supplies

eTurns gives your customers one solution to replenish all their consumables from all suppliers while allowing you to compete for more share of customer spend.

A distributor can offer eTurns TrackStock Replenish to its end-customers to replenish all of their consumables from all suppliers using only one inventory app.  TrackStock Replenish will separate items by supplier -- sending orders directly to the “sponsoring” distributor’s ERP distribution management software, while other suppliers’ orders are sent through email.  Meanwhile, the sponsoring distributor can see all the other suppliers’ items and prices so they can compete for that business.

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long aisle of blue bins in a stockroom full of consigned supplies

eTurns make it easy to offer consigned inventory to customers

Now distributors can offer consigned inventory to their customers in a risk-mitigated way. eTurns reduces financial risk associated with consigned inventory by capturing all consumption transactions, providing a transaction on which the distributor can invoice, and providing one set of books for reconciliation. eTurns also works in a customer-owned inventory model.

Reduce 90% of procurement costs for distributors by using TrackStock for CMI

When distributors offer their customers TrackStock to do CMI, they are giving them an easy way to automate replenishment with a simple two step process: scan the item and tap to submit. This order then goes directly into the distributor’s ERP distribution management software because it is integrated with TrackStock. The distributor no longer spends the time and money to do VMI, to receive orders by phone or fax, to rekey any orders in, etc, because the whole transaction is automated from start to finish.

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This is a PDF of a checklist of eTurns modules that are in the TrackStock Replenish and TrackStock Manage apps

Reduce 90% of procurement time and costs that customers spend replenishing through an e-commerce site or manual methods

Rather than have a customer use an e-commerce site to re-order, which can take up to 10x longer (Click here to see PDF that lists how eTurns is 10x faster than an e-commerce site), and rather than having the customer walk their stockroom aisles with a clipboard writing down product numbers to fax in once they return to the office, TrackStock inventory software for distributors offers a simple two-step process for automated replenishment: scan the item and tap to submit.

Reduce forecast error to take cash out of distribution centers

TrackStock gives distributors customer usage data from the point-of-use that no ERP software can give them: What customer will order what product in what quantity on what day. Plug that data in to reduce forecast error and optimize your distribution centers. 

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Reserve parts needed for future demand

eTurns TrackStock helps customers schedule and reserve the items needed for future demand using our Requisitions Module.

eTurns TrackStock lets customers reserve inventory they know they will need for an upcoming job or scheduled procedure, for example. This keeps customers in perfect communication with their distributors about upcoming ACTUAL demand, not just forecast demand, an important distinction. Our distribution inventory software gives distributors visibility into what items are needed, in what quantities, on what dates.

Reduce Price Shopping

Rather than have a customer use an e-commerce site to re-order, which can take up to 10x longer, and rather than having the customer walk their stockroom aisles with a clipboard writing down product numbers to fax in once they return to the office, TrackStock offers a simple two-step process for automated replenishment: scan the item and tap to submit.

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Benefits Summary:

  • Increase revenue up to 30% from customers that you link to eTurns for automated replenishment
  • Gain all the benefits of vending at 15% of the cost with eTurns eVMI Sensor-managed Inventory Management
  • Manage consigned inventory for your customers
  • Help your customers reduce procurement and inventory costs by up to 73%
  • Eliminate stockouts
  • Use our powerful analytics to optimize inventory and drive efficiency
  • Integrate seamlessly with other enterprise solutions
  • Co-brand your own eTurns solution
  • Use customer managed inventory (CMI) or vendor managed inventory (VMI)