Electronic Shelf Labels (eLabels)

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Trigger smart replenishment with the push of a button

eLabels, or electronic shelf labels, are convenient to use in dispersed stocking locations where SensorBins may not be practical, where clipboard and pencil take too much time, and where QR code scanning to order or consume is not desired. 

When the user has visually confirmed that the reorder point has been reached, he pushes the button to send a digital order to the supplier that has been designated during the set-up process in the TrackStock software. Our eLabels display important information such as minimum / maximum levels and par levels (reorder points). TrackStock prevents duplicate replenishment orders from multiple button pushes. Simply clip the eLabel to the ESL rail on the bin. Batteries last 10 years. The information displayed on the e-labels can be updated at any time. Set your order quantity to match your suppliers' package quantities.


Key Benefits:

Eliminate clipboards and pencils for inventory reordering

Min/max settings, par levels, and package quantities are recorded in the software and used by the eLabel for replenishment

Cut your inventory in half by eliminating 2-bin kanban

Save time by pressing a button to trigger auto-replenishment

Eliminate inventory management and replenishment labor and tasks. Users simply press a button and the rest is automatic.

Eliminates the need to put printed QR code labels on bins/shelves

Electronic Shelf Labels (eLabels) have a button that triggers immediate digital orders

Solum electronic shelf label displaying min max levels and a QR code of medical supplies
See this feature in action

See this feature in action