eTurns TrackStock automates replenishment and tracks usage of medical supplies in clinics and hospitals

While ERP systems manage inventory well in distribution centers, they have difficulty providing visibility into an organization’s remote storerooms of disposable supplies. eTurns TrackStock medical inventory management software apps provide this visibility plus a simple and productive way to replenish inventory using phones, scanners, RFID or IoT sensors.

  • Optimize stockroom inventory levels
  • Avoid ordering "just-in-case" inventory
  • Take cash out of stockroom inventory 
  • Eliminate stockouts

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“Since eTurns gives me a report on the cost of supply utilization for each surgical day plus total usage per month, I am able to keep a pulse on our net surgical profit consistently and without burning up too much of my time. It is great to track all procedure material costs as well as our real-time inventory status and value to determine how best to proceed through the various regulations and requirements arising out of COVID-19. Since our inventory manager is now 30% more efficient with his time, I can have him spend additional time focusing on the other qualities that make FastMD unique."

Lindsey Wisniewski, COO of FastMD, an urgent care center for orthopedic needs


Benefits for Medical Clinics and Hospitals:

Real-time Visibility

Gain real-time inventory visibility into stockrooms

Mobile Enabled

Use iPhones, Androids, Janams, and tablets to access real-time inventory information anytime from anywhere

Take Cash Out

Reduce inventory levels and cash-in-inventory by up to 73%

Cut Costs

Reduce procurement costs by up to 90% by eliminating PO paperwork/calls/faxes

Consign Inventory

Use a consigned inventory model with your medical supply distributor and track it easily with eTurns TrackStock

Reduce Stockouts

Reduce or eliminate stockouts without having to order "just-in-time" inventory


Use our powerful analytics to optimize your inventory

Get Reports

Get 60+ standard and customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

Improve Accuracy

Capture inventory usage to increase accuracy of on-hand inventory requirements. No more paperwork errors.

Easy Integration

Integrate seamlessly with any other enterprise solutions

Cloud Software

Gain anytime, anywhere access with zero IT footprint

Track Usage

Track usage across stockrooms in a simple, accurate way

Solution Guide - The Unique Challenges of Managing Medical Supply Inventory

For medical practices and EMS providers, automated inventory replenishment saves time, money and headaches

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Choose to order when needed or to constantly track consumption

Choose to order when needed or to constantly track consumption

Healthcare workers can use eTurns TrackStock Replenish if they simply want to order inventory or use eTurns TrackStock Manage if they want to track consumption, get real-time visibility into inventory levels, and automate replenishment using min/maxes

Prevent over-stock and stock-outs in hospital storerooms

eTurns TrackStock is medical inventory management software that helps lower your inventory carrying costs and procurement costs by automating the order process. Using an iPhone, barcode scanner or sensor, you can monitor consumption and replenish based on actual usage.  No more “just in case” inventory. No more building extra storerooms.

Prevent over-stock and stock-outs in hospital storerooms
Reserve parts needed for future demand

Reserve parts needed for future demand

eTurns TrackStock Manage helps healthcare workers reserve the items needed for a scheduled procedure using our Requisitions Module.

eTurns TrackStock medical inventory management software lets customers reserve inventory they know they will need for an upcoming procedure for example. This keeps healthcare companies in perfect communication with their medical supply distributors about upcoming ACTUAL demand, not just forecast demand, an important distinction. In the Requisitions Module of our hospital inventory management software, customers can communicate actual future demand to their distributors. If a nurse in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) knows exactly what procedures will be performed on a patient next week, he can enter each of those items into requisitions. The requisition will create demand on the “stockroom” and automatically trigger orders for items where the Requisition will use more items than there are on hand. The “required date” is also specified, guiding the distributor to know exactly what items in what quantities are needed by what date to keep the ASC operational.

Case Study - eTurns TrackStock Medical/Dental Supply

How eTurns helped a large dental practice reduce time spent on inventory management by 70%, optimize inventory and control costs.

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Track and minimize expired inventory

Track and minimize expired inventory

Expired inventory is an unnecessary expense.  eTurns TrackStock Manage optimizes medical supply inventory management.  It will alert the inventory manager, based on his/her settings, when a Lot # will expire to make sure the stockroom doesn't run out of usable product.  With TrackStock’s ability to calculate minimum and maximum levels based on consumption, expired inventory is minimized as TrackStock learns the organization’s consumption patterns and makes recommendations that optimize inventory levels.

Buyer's Guide to Medical Inventory Management Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to cope with the increased burden of inconsistent supply and spikes in demand on medical facilities. To select the right medical inventory management solution or inventory replenishment app, use our checklist of important features.

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