RFID Inventory Management

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Use TrackStock with an RFID tower for 2-bin digital kanban replenishment

TrackStock's RFID inventory management solution is particularly effective in a digital kanban 2-bin system where users scan the empty bin past the RFID tower to trigger replenishment. The full bin is pulled to the front for use. 

Use RFID towers and tags along with the TrackStock app to track when items are used or received in a stockroom

By placing an RFID tower in the stockroom and RFID inventory tags on consigned or customer-owned inventory items, you can use TrackStock to track when an item is received into or used from a storeroom. This RFID inventory solution allows you to manage inventory in remote locations and give all parties visibility to usage and quantity on hand. TrackStock can trigger automated replenishment using min/maxes settings. Further, TrackStock's RFID feature can be used in a consigned inventory stockroom to provide easy reconciliation with a common set of books -- paving the way for prompt & accurate billing and replenishment on consumption.

Key Benefits:

Reduce stockouts and counting labor with a simple RFID digital kanban system

Reorder automatically when the bin is passed by the RFID tower

Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

24/7/365 visibility and monitoring from any browser

Up to 90% reduction in procurement costs by digitizing purchase orders