eTurns TrackStock helps contractors automate replenishment in stockrooms and service trucks using phones, scanners, RFID & sensors

Get real-time visibility into inventory stored in all locations so you can manage, replenish and transfer items effectively. 

  • Use TrackStock Replenish to order inventory or use TrackStock Manage to track consumption and automate replenishment using min/maxes.
  • Avoid stockouts and get the job done in one trip
  • Track and limit spending on projects.
  • Prevent shrinkage
“eTurns has live capture of parts usage, unlike our ERP. With eTurns on our 75 service trucks, we decreased line items on each truck from 315 to 170 and the amount of inventory on each truck from $20k to $14k. eTurns helped me streamline procurement so that my carrying costs went from $1.6M to $875K, for a savings of $725,000 a year. We reduced our 8 people in procurement to 3 and redeployed those people to dispatch and customer service."  

-- Carlos Echazabal, Sr. Director of Operations, Service America

Benefits for Technicians:

Mobile Enabled

Use iPhones, Androids, Janams, and tablets to access real-time truck and stockroom inventory information anytime from anywhere and manage replenishment with these mobile devices

Work Orders

Create work orders with parts and labor using a mobile device and show it to the customer for approval and signature online

Simple Replenishment

Use the phone’s camera feature to easily scan barcodes of items for replenishment

Automated Replenishment

By tracking consumption on work orders, parts on service trucks can be replenished based on min/max parameters. Transfer from a room/truck or order directly from multiple suppliers

Add New Parts

Add a barcode, an image and details about items purchased while on a service call so this info can be added to the work order


Easily look for parts across all locations and record the transfer on a mobile device. Transfers are immediately updated in the system

Real-time Visibility

See on hand quantity in all locations - truck, stockroom, and warehouse


Intuitive screen design allows for quick training and immediate productivity

Benefits for Back Office:

Reduce Costs

Get up to a 90% reduction in procurement costs through automated replenishment

Reduce Shrinkage

Capture inventory usage to increase accuracy of on-hand inventory. Discrepancies are clearly highlighted

Take Cash Out

Reduce inventory levels and cash-in-inventory by up to 73%

Decrease Labor

Eliminate labor costs from monitoring stock levels

Optimize Inventory

Optimize inventories by trending usage and adjusting min/max levels. Avoid ordering “just-in-case” inventory

Track Spend

Track spend by item or job phases. Prevent consumption when spend limits are met

User Roles

Use user-defined fields to help capture job specific info while scanning


Use requisitions to get approval to consume material

eTurns TrackStock - Service Truck Case Study

Read how the eTurns TrackStock automated inventory replenishment app reduced theft, slashed inventory levels, dramatically increased inventory accuracy and produced six-figure savings for a Florida home and commercial service repair contractor.

Download PDF

Thumbnail image of eTurns/Service America Case Study PDF
Use TrackStock Replenish to order parts

Use TrackStock Replenish to order parts

When a technician needs to replenish material on his/her truck, he/she starts the eTurns App on their smartphone, taps the “Cart” icon, taps “Scan”, and scans the barcodes of the items he/she needs. TrackStock will automatically order the correct quantity and group items by supplier once the technician taps “Submit”.

Use TrackStock Manage to track parts and labor used and to automate replenishment

Use TrackStock Manage to capture parts and labor used for service or installation at a customer site. As the technician removes parts from the truck, he/she scans them which adds them to the work order. He/she can even scan a miscellaneous consumable item. Adding a labor charge completes the work order and then the technician can show it to the customer for approval and signature within the TrackStock App. eTurns captures the usage of the items and triggers automatic replenishment when they fall below a minimum. Replenishment can be from either the customer’s stockroom or directly from suppliers, or both.

Use TrackStock Manage to track parts and labor used and to automate replenishment
Reduce shrinkage on service trucks

Reduce shrinkage on service trucks

eTurns TrackStock allows service truck technicians to capture actual parts and labor usage on a job for accurate customer billing. Periodic cycle counts monitor correct inventory levels which highlight discrepancies.

eTurns wireless mobile carts help monitor consumption and automate replenishment at construction sites

eTurns eVMI puts sensors under bins on wireless, battery-operated mobile carts so electricians and others can have the material they need where and when they need it. This capability works well within construction environments for example, eliminating the need for runners to visually monitor the stock levels of inventory bins. eTurns software monitors the material based on weight and sends a resupply signal to the distributor’s ERP for re-supply.

eTurns wireless mobile carts help monitor consumption and automate replenishment at construction sites