Project Spend Limits

Included in: Optimize Manage

TrackStock's project spend limit feature allows the consumption of material to be tracked against multiple project budgets or just one

TrackStock's project spend feature is especially useful for contractors. One of the most difficult aspects of being a profitable contractor is monitoring spending as a job is underway.

Individual items can also be tracked both in dollars as well as in individual quantity. When the limit of the project’s total budget, or the quantity of an item, or the dollar limit of an item is reached, the next pull will be stopped, and an email is sent to the person who can approve changes to the project spend limits. In addition, requisitions for future demand, instead of pulls, will be created until the spend limits are increased, helping the contractor keep track of spending.


Apply all consumption to one project spend

Assign consumption to multiple project spend categories

Make a project spend selection mandatory to complete pull

Set spend limits on total $ or quantity of an item

Exceeding spend limit will stop an item pull and display a message

See this feature in action

See this feature in action