Work Orders

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TrackStock creates useful work orders for service invoices, reporting, or maintenance tracking

In TrackStock, work orders can serve three purposes:

  1. The primary purpose of work orders is to package together the consumption of parts, kits, and labor that are used by a contractor to install or repair something at a customer. TrackStock work orders can capture a customer's signature at the end of the job, and can include before and after photos of the work. 
  2. TrackStock work orders are also used to group together items used for a phase of a project, for reporting purposes.
  3. Additionally, work orders can document what maintenance was done on an asset — such as a machine, service truck, or forklift.

Work Orders Trigger Auto-replenishment Orders If Necessary

After parts have been added to a work order, TrackStock decrements those items from on-hand inventory and triggers auto-replenishment orders if the on-hand-quantity is less than the item's minimum level.  

TrackStock Recognizes All Four Barcode Identifications

TrackStock's work orders are particularly convenient because our software's scanning capabilities allow it to recognize barcodes of any of the four common item identifications: UPC, customer item number, supplier item number, manufacturer item number. Scan any of those barcodes and TrackStock will understand it is the same item. 


Track parts, tools, kits and labor used on the job

Include customer information

Requisition material if need authority to consume it

Before and after photos

Add up to 10 user defined fields for each work order

Use a full-page description if desired

Customer signature capture at the end of the job

See this feature in action

See this feature in action