User Defined Fields

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Use User Defined Fields to Describe Transactions

Each of the 13 transaction modules in TrackStock can have up to 10 User Defined Fields (UDFs) to further describe the item, tool, order, or other transactions.  For example, the user can add “Color” to further describe an item as color is not one of the default fields in the Item Detail. 

How it works:

First, the user enters the name of the UDF, “Color” in this example.  Then you specify if it is a required field when an item is created.  By default, the UDF will be included in the narrow search list.  Then you specify if this UDF will be chosen from a “dropdown" of specific entries with no ability to change an entry or add an entry.  Alternatively, the user can choose “dropdown editable” allowing the user to pick from a list, but also add new entries to the list.  The last choice is to use a “text field” where the user can enter any value for the Color UDF.  The last choice offers the most flexibility but also creates entries spelled differently for the same color making reporting more difficult if users don't consistently word the entries.


Use up to 10 User Defined Fields for any transaction, item, tool, asset, order, or pull

Narrow search by many categories

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See this feature in action

See this feature in action