Reporting: Customizable Reports

Included in: Optimize Manage

Customize up to 90 reports and send them in email alerts

One of the features that sets TrackStock apart from other stockroom inventory management apps is the strength of its reporting and analytics. TrackStock's 90+ reports give visibility into any series of transactions over any period of time.

Each report is designed to increase your visibility into on-hand inventory and order status, usage information, and optimization. In many reports, users can choose individual or selected items during a specific period time to analyze the transactions. Each report can be easily customized, scheduled and emailed. 


Sort multiple columns in report

Save the report in PDF, Excel, CSV, or text

Email reports on a schedule by user

Choose parameters of the data to view in standard reports

Customize reports: add/delete columns, reorder/resize columns, subtotal $


TrackStock Replenish lets you view 20+ basic reports. 

TrackStock Manage Lite lets you view and schedule 30+ reports.

TrackStock Manage lets you view, schedule and customize 50+ reports.

TrackStock Optimize lets you view, schedule, customize and catalog 90+ reports.


See this feature in action

See this feature in action