Mobile app for tracking usage of stockroom and truck inventory

eTurns TrackStock Manage contains all the features of TrackStock Replenish, plus the ability to track inventory usage and set min/max levels that trigger automated replenishment. Digital purchase orders get sent to any distributor. 

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Automate replenishment of your stockroom and truck inventory seamlessly with these key features:

Automated replenishment with min/max levels

Scan the QR code of an item to record usage. When inventory reaches a minimum, TrackStock Manage triggers an order up to the maximum.  Track usage, jobs, orders, receives, quantity on hand, transfers, returns, staging and quick lists. Manage serial numbers, lot numbers and expiration dates. 

Inventory management and work orders on service trucks

Get real-time visibility into inventory stored in trucks and storerooms so you can manage, replenish and transfer items effectively. Create work orders with parts, labor, photos and signature capture. Automate replenishment. 

Alerts dashboard with email alerts 

Use our interactive dashboard to learn about stock status or items needing attention. Trigger email alerts with events such as sending an order to a supplier, having on-hand quantity fall below a minimum, or having assets or tools that need maintaining.  Schedule any of TrackStock's 80+ customizable reports to be emailed at any cadence.  

Consignment inventory tracking  

TrackStock Manage can also track consigned inventory that a distributor owns and stores at their customer's site. Managing consigned inventory is easy with eTurns because we capture all usage transactions, allow the distributor to invoice accurately, and provide one set of books for reconciliation.


Decrease procurement costs by up to 90%

Reduce inventory levels and carrying costs by up to 73%

Manage consigned or customer-owned inventory

Increase inventory accuracy

Eliminate stockouts as well as purchase order paperwork/calls/faxes

Powerful dashboard analytics with alerts to drive increasing levels of efficiency

Get customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

Track usage across multiple remote stocking locations

Replenish based on actual usage

Many inventory management software products use forecasts to determine replenishment timing, but eTurns TrackStock Manage can replenish based on actual usage history and calculate how the Min/Max/Critical levels should be set for all items. 

The user can set how close to the calculated Min/Max he wants to set the levels until comfortable that actual history is an accurate predictor of usage levels. Receive email alerts when items fall below Min & Critical, prompting replenishment orders. TrackStock’s usage-based replenishment optimizes inventory levels by reducing overstock yet maintaining sufficient inventory levels to satisfy demand. This demand is calculated by factoring in things such as distributor lead times and consumption patterns.

man holds a tablet with the eTurns TrackStock app on it letting him replenish inventory based on actual usage
men stand in a stockroom full of supplies

Managing consigned inventories is simple with eTurns

TrackStock Manage works for consigned or customer-owned inventories. Managing consigned inventory is easy with eTurns because we capture all usage transactions, allow the distributor to invoice accurately, and provide one set of books for reconciliation.

eTurns powers the automated replenishment value-added services of distributors such as Anixter, Graybar and Rexel

In an increasingly competitive environment, distributors who save their customers time and money with useful value-added services will be able to retain and grow those customer relationships the best. eTurns powers the automated replenishment value-added services that distributors like Anixter, Graybar, and Rexel co-brand and offer to their customers. They have found that it helps them retain customers and even increase revenues by as much as 30%. 

Replenishing through eTurns is 10x faster than manual clipboard/fax methods or e-commerce sites that require sign-in and keying in part numbers. On top of that, TrackStock Manage customers have been able to decrease inventories as much as 73% through optimization. It makes sense that customers are loyal to distributors who are saving them time and money.

service truck technician from Graybar holds a phone and scans out inventory
Image of TrackStock Manage Datasheet and the flow of automated inventory replenishment

eTurns TrackStock Manage Datasheet

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