Return Orders

Included in: Optimize Manage

The Return Orders feature in TrackStock helps users account for returns of consigned material

When you are wondering how to account for consigned inventory, you need to look for consignment inventory management software that easily tracks the returns as well as the usage. TrackStock consignment inventory management software helped M&L Electrical manage consigned inventory returns to their distributors, including Graybar. Learn how they reduced time spent on managing inventory by 98% and PO costs by 84% with TrackStock.


Allow users to easily return unused material to a supplier, whether it is in the consigned or customer-owned inventory model

Consigned transactions may be sent to the supplier via EDI, allowing the remote inventory and supplier's ERP to stay in sync

Users may enter a return authorization # for future reference

The transaction is logged in the audit trail as a return transaction for tracking purposes in the future

See this feature in action

See this feature in action