Our core value as a company is to work with our customers as partners and to be committed to ensuring their success. We can assist you with reviewing your current supply chain process, identifying opportunities for improvement, ensuring a smooth implementation of any of our solutions, as well as helping train your new eTurns TrackStock users. Taking advantage of our analytics and trending will help you maximize your cash flows and increase your profitability.


eTurns Integration with a Distributor's ERP

The eTurns TrackStock cloud application has integrated with Oracle, SAP, Epicor P21, Epicor Eclipse, Quickbooks, "homegrown ERP systems", and others.  The benefits a distributor gets from integrating their ERP with TrackStock is that when an order is created in TrackStock, it will be sent electronically to the distributor's ERP system within 30 minutes, which eliminates double entry of the order as well as any time lag to get the order picked, packed, and shipped.  You could say that integration helps a distributor "create a moat" around their customer, or increases the customer "stickiness", by providing both the distributor and the customer with visibility into the customer's inventories, reduces the costs of procurement, speeds up the supply chain processes, and helps increase the distributor's same customer revenues.  

The integration process works like this: eTurns IT consultants work with a distributor's IT staff to establish mapping criteria. Then the distributor’s IT staff and eTurns work jointly to complete the connection, which usually takes less than 2 weeks. eTurns can integrate with any business software using Web services, the VAN, an eCommerce site or FTP. Data formats include EDI, Edifact, xml, or flat file. File types can include Orders, Consigned Pulls, Catalog, Advanced Ship Notices, Acknowledgements, Bill on Usage, Bill on Replenishment, Quote or Order. The integration is tested, goes into a pilot phase and then goes into live production. 

eTurns Integration with a Distributor's Customer's ERP

We have created a web service that allows end customers to send or get whatever information they want to or from their data in eTurns TrackStock. For example, some distributor's customers have their own MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system that determines what items they need to pull and in what quantities for production.  This customer can send these pulls electronically to TrackStock instead of scanning them out.  This customer integration makes the tracking of consumed material much more productive.

Supply Chain Consulting:

The eTurns consultants work with your company to review your current supply chain process and identify non-value-added processes as well as opportunities for improvement. After a thorough assessment, we will recommend best practices and document our findings in a lean stockroom implementation plan.

Implementation Support

eTurns can get new customers up and running in a few days with our quick and thorough implementation process:

  • Review business processes and make sure the eTurns implementation reflects them
  • Set up the site with new users and authority levels
  • Review and import the bill of materials
  • Get the phone app or set up the PDA, RFID or eVMI weight sensors
  • Conduct “train the trainer” or user training sessions

Marketing Assistance

The eTurns service opens up new ways for distributors to provide excellent service to their customers. eTurns has over 22 years of experience assisting our distribution customers with how to communicate the value of the lean techniques enabled by placing eTurns at the last step of their supply chain. eTurns can assist your company in marketing the eTurns service to your customers or suppliers.


Once the customer is up and running, eTurns offers flexible support contracts for any of the following support services:

  • Customer Success
  • User Support
  • Technical Support
  • Advanced Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Defining new value-add customized reports